Rin Euy'ica
Age 11
Gender Female
Alias None
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Grade 4th
Division Elementary
Clubs Track and Field
School New Silverance East Academy
Siblings Syaoran Euy'ica and Yuki Euy'ica


Rin is a curious young girl who scares rather easily due to traumatic events of her past, she is far to trusting of people around her though and thinks that there is no reason for someone to harm her. Rin does try her hardest though, but her past often catches up to her, and makes her sound younger than she truly is. Some have related to her being a six year old tracked in a ten year olds body, largely to do with her cry-baby nature which is also brought on by her clumsiness. She is easily scared by sounds at night.

Her nievity often makes her a target by kids at school for 'dare' games.


Rin Euy'ica is the youngest of the Euy'ica twims and was born last, she is also the most immature of the two. She has very little memory of her life before she was four year olds due to a traumatic event, an event that caused her brain her seal those memories.

When she was six, she was diagnosed with ADD and at the age of eight, with dyscalculia. Her dyscalculia means she can't understand mathematics in the least, and has trouble even grasping the basics. At the same time, she was diagnosed with Nocturnal Enuresis, which her pediatrician assumes is brought on by her past.

Rin tries to be as helpful to her brother as possible, but often times she just ends up messing up.

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