Gender Male
Birthday September 12, -93
Alias Joe Bellosom
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Aura Yellow
Wife Rose
Children Inertia, Oak

Sonic is the second known being in the Nexial Matrix with a Thought Core instead of a Soul. An explorer, he is fascinated on how the Matrix works and the experiences other worlds can offer. After AOD, Sonic picked up the hobby of causing mischief, especially in the department of cursing. Fortunately for the Matrix, and unfortunately for Sonic, Rose has him under her Mallet.

Appearing to be a young 18 year old male with short white hair he is generally seen wearing a black body suit complete with gloves made from BMEDS, a red cape on his back and a red hat with an atomic pendant attached to the left of it.


Sonic evolved 93 years before the AOD incident in a remote World of the Matrix that no one had really noticed. The interesting thing about his World was that it had a mass collection of books, Anime, Comics and Movies that had very high accurate details about other Worlds. There was even a Anime that was about a sleeping man in a cloak. Go figure who that was. :p

During Evolution, Sonic had some evil thoughts to get back at those who tormented him while he was just a normal human. However, by the time he realized he shouldn't be abusing his new found powers, a second personality had formed within him and separated giving birth to Sonic's evil Twin, “Dark Sonic”. Dark Sonic within the next year would destroy Sonic's home node and wreak havoc against the Matrix. It wouldn't be till the year 107 where a special scenario involving Rose would cause Dark Sonic to merge back into Sonic.


Sonic was, at one point in time, a very chivalrous being, doing his best to do good instead of evil, trying not to deviate from the path of good. Then he met MM. Now he still tries to do good and not stray from the path of good and all that, but he is a prankster at the same time.

Despite working on being Good and satisfying his need to be a prankster, Sonic is a loyal husband and a good father to his family. He will not do anything intentional to hurt his family and is very protective of them, which sometimes can lead to him going into Quantum Rage.

Sonic is also very closed about his past and has only opened up to his wife, Rose. He blames himself for the evil Dark Sonic did and easily goes into guilt trips about it. It would take a hundred years or so after Dark Sonic merged back into him for Sonic to finally to come to terms with this part of him.


Sonic can do a multitude of things ranging from Curses to creating Bio-Metal out of Quantum Energy. He's an expert swordsman, mastering a great number of sword techniques and combining them with martial art skills.


One of Sonic's unique abilities is the ability to control force itself. He can generate any force like Gravity, Magnetic, or create a generic force that can't be attributed to anything like magnetic or gravity. This allows him to create 'Sonic Shields' that simply repel enemy fire away from him.


While still in the novice stage, Sonic has the ability of seeing into the future, or at least getting the feel for what will happen. Ironically though, he still has yet to sense when the next mallet from Rose will hit him in the head.

Battle Techniques

Sonic has picked up allot of battle techniques around the Matrix such as The Wind Scar, Blue Dragon Palm and Spirit Gun. In addition, he has created some of his own techniques such as Flash Blade, Omega Blast and Kibou no Katana.


You can thank MM on getting Sonic hooked on Cursing. Ever since Sonic met MM, he has been intrigued in the arts of creating Curses/Spells, especially those that drive other people nuts. Sonic finds Curses to be a fun and effective way at times to defend against attackers and discourage others from attempting to harm him or his family.

Energy Manipulation

Another interesting ability that Sonic can do is Energy Manipulation. He can change his own energy to almost any other form of energy like Reiki or Yoki and control what wavelength they are at. This becomes real handy when he uses The Wind Scar.

The Bathroom

Sonic has the unique ability to navigate The Bathroom under most modes, allowing him to travel basically anywhere and nowhere. Since his wife Rose can not navigate The Bathroom, Sonic often hides here to get away from her mallet.


While Sonic has a Thought Core, he was not aware that he had one, or that one existed until he met MM. After that point, Sonic has become slowly aware of his Thought Core, but still has a good several thousand or so years before he will fully understand what it is and how to control it. Until then, MM will be taking full advantage of this in his pranks he pulls out on him.

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