Syaoran Euy'ica
Age 16
Gender Male
Alias Syao
Eye Color Blue and Red
Hair Color Black
Siblings Two, Rin and Vulan
Occupation Corporate Sabotaur
Co-workers Jenny, Lenni, and Krenni


Syaoran Euy'ica is the oldest of the Euy'ica family, he is the caretaker of eleven year old twins Rin and Vulan. He is well known within Geni-Corp as being the best Sabotaur around although Syaoran himself doesn't think so.

Syaoran joined Geni-corp at the age ten, just two years after his mother and father were brutally murdered. He did this in order to get out of an orphanage that he and his two little sisters were in, he joined Geni originally as just a transportation dock worker but quickly found his calling when oppertunity presented itself.

He was twelve years old when he meet a group of security guards working on the dock, during the rounds he discovered that several storage crates were mislabeled, when he inspected the crates he found that they contained items, such as mechs, that were not part of a transportation manifest.

The owners of these containers however didn't appreiciate a child snooping around their assets, so they tried to kill him and his family be using some of the merchandise that they had tried to smuggle into the city of New Silverance, but their plans were thwarted by Syaoran when he found a way to reprogram the mechs to go against their own owners.

Although this wasn't what brought him into the espionage group, it was a catalyst to it. He didn't actually join up with the group until he was invited one year later, and since then has been doing the corpoates dirty-work.

His salary as a saboteur has allowed him to give his little sisters a pleasant life away from the slums where they used to reside. Although he doesn't like the elistest lifstyle though, he finds it deplorable.

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