Yuki Euy'ica
Age 11
Gender Female
Alias None
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Grade 4th
Division Elementary
Clubs Track and Field
School New Silverance East Academy
Siblings Rin Euy'ica and Syaoran Euy'ica


Yuki is the more mature of the twins, but still relates to Rin in how she acts. Yuki isn't very trusting of adults with the exception of her older brother, Syaoran. Yuki is rather protective of Rin due to the past, which haunts her even after so many years.

She is the type of person who will jump in and protect those around her but also doesn't mind getting into scraps as long as she is getting into one for 'a good reason'


Yuki is the oldest of the twins, and the second youngest of the Euy'ica family. She doesn't have to many memories of before she was four years old and much of her past is a mystery to her. Vulan, thanks to her older brother, was taught how to fight and presently old a black belt in a martial arts known as 'Setti-con'

Although she has no memory of her past, she does remember her time in an orphanage up until she was six years old and how it wasn't a great experience for her, this experience is what led her to not trust adults much, even the caretaker that was initially assigned to take care of her and Rin while Syaoran was away, though now she and her twin sister are cared for by friends of the family.

At age seven, she found herself diagnosed with a subtype of autism that explained why she often had problems getting dressed; often, she'd wake up in the morning and be entirely unsure how to put on a pair of pants, her shirt, or even her shoes. Luckily her school uniform isn't an issue due to it being a typical dress.

She presently tries to help her older brother with things, such as the jobs he commonly undertakes for the corporation that provides assistance and support for her and Rin.

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