New Silverance

Nestled on the West Canadian Coastline is the city of New Silverance, a city whose buildings are not only majestic but that also give the cities it's name. Silverance is the name of the material used to create the city, the mines themselves located deep underground.

New Silverance is broken up into three sectors, each designed for a specific purpose. Around each sector is a eight foot, semi-transparent wall with a balcony that extends out of the top sides and a walkward to allow citizens to easily view the city. There are stairways every two hundred feet, and a gravity elevtor every four hundred feet.

There are roads on the ground, but there are also air-roads as well used to control the flow of air-traffic. Ground roads are mainly used by transport vehicles ferrying supplies from one location to another, while air-roads are for personal vehicles and passenger transports.

Almost every buiding in the city has an air-pad and air-garage, for people to store their vehicles in. These same air-pads can also serve as emergency landing pads for damaged vehicles.

Another thing that's noticable are 'light bridges', that extend between buildings that are located within close-proxmity to one another. These bridges allow people to move from one building, to another.

There are not to many a actual skyscrappers in the city, this is because the city is split between the upper and lower half. The upper half houses the cities ruling elite, the rich and powerful. The lower half, however, houses those who are not rich.


The city is split into three sectors, although arguably, there are four. Only sector one, however, is split between a upper and lower area.

Sector One

Sector One is the heart of the city, and is the location of Geni-Corp's Headquarters. S1 is also where most of the cities residential and commerical centers are located.

Sector One is split between the top and bottom of the city, the top part has wealthy housing, while the bottom part only has low to middle income housing. Sector one is the largest sector in the city.

Sector Two

Between Sector One and Three, Sector two is the industrial sector of the city.

Sector Three

Sector Three is the location of the cities airport, naval yards, and also the slums.


New Silverance observes a rather rainy climate due to it's proxmity to the ocean but also thanks to weather control stations located along the cities outskirts.


The cities Economy is relied upon by it's vast farming community located on the outskirts, but also from the weather control stations and cars it produces.

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