General Rules

This is the rules page for the forum; located here:

Board Rules

The following is a list of rules for the forums, these rules exist 'everywhere' on the site.


Please respect the members of the community; this includes admins, moderators and even newbies - despite how annoying some can be. Any disrespect should be reported to an admin.

Profanity Filter

Do not circumvent the profanity filter, there is a reason why we have it - it can be turned off. Because of that, do not circumvent the filter. Any attempts to do so will be met with a ban.

Child-Forum Rules

Please obey both the main and child forum rules. There are rules in the role-playing section; those must be followed just like those outside of that board.


Keep it off this board; anyone found doing this will be banned permanently from the forum. Even if it was in jest you will STILL be banned.

Politics and Religion

Keep all political related discussions IN the political forum. Posting politics OUTSIDE of the designated forum will get you in trouble.

Child Friendly

Please keep all threads and posts child friendly, there is no doubt that we'll have kids on this board so keep it clean people!

Do not post child porn!

Don't screw around with me on this, I WILL report you to the general authorities and seek legal action against you if you post child porn on either my forum or wiki. I will also ban you from the server AND hand you IP over to other server owners I know to get you banned from THOSE servers as well. So, do NOT post it here. End of discussion. You have been warned. Do NOT screw with me… got it? I'll know it when I see it. So don't tempt me, got it?

Grammar and Sentence

Unless you have in the third grade or lower, I expect a certain level of grammar and sentence structure. Do not post in short-hand or text type, unless you have some disorder to makes it hard to type (which I know of one) but I highly doubt everyone who types in shorthand/text type has that.

Stay on topic

Please stay on topic; do not take it off for any reason. That also means that you shouldn't be flame baiting or causing flame wars. Anyone found doing both will be warned, a second warning will accompany a post revoke.


If a thread is more than two months old; please do not bump it. The exception to this is if the thread is still on the first page.

No Multiple Accounts

Please do not register more than one account under one IP; the only reason why Slaskia and I have the same IP is because we reside on the same network. If you have a family member who wants to join this board, but is under the same IP as you - please INFORM Kalshion so that the extra account does not get deleted. Failure to inform him, will result in the extra account being deleted.

Signature and Avatars


We allow gif based avatars, but keep in mind that only avatars that are 100×100 may be used here. If you want to use an avatar larger than that, please ask the admins first.

Now, some people might notice avaters that are a bit up there, such as those used by the admins - Sonic and Ryu. These are ok, given that they are not sick nor offensive, however, images that might show a bit of skin must still be approved by the board admins. In short, don't just prop it up as your avater because if one of us admins finds it and discovers that permission wasn't given - it'll be gone.

Keep in mind, only images that show a bit of skin require the approval (no naked avaters)


Please do not make signatures to big; likewise, they must be clean.

Any signature found to be offensive, and sick, will be removed. Repeated offense's will result in a perma-ban.

Political Forum Rules

At some point, a political forum will be added. Because of how volatile a political forum is, these are the rules I've created.

Also, heed this qoute: “He who insults first, has lost”, this is your ONLY warning on the matter.

No insulting

If you can't debate without insulting the debater, then don't post at all.

No flaming

Flaming another member is strictly prohibited

Do not bash the US

As a citizen of the US, but also a member of a family who was once part of the military, I take real offense to someone bashing my country. (just like how you might take offense to someone doing it to YOUR country) if you don't like it when people bash or hate on your country, then don't do it to others.

Basically, don't attack a person just because they link to a site YOU do not like. For example, if someone links to Fox News or CNN, don't attack them just because they've linked to those sites. Instead, try and prove their wrong by linking to sites that say something opposite.

However, bare in mind, that just because a person posts a link to a site you don't like - that doesn't mean that site is actually WRONG about what they are talking about.

Party attacking

I don't care what site you came from, I don't care if you came from DeviantArt or from some other site, you DO NOT come onto this site and insult political parties (IE: Libtards, or Conservatards).

Political Discussions Are Moderated

Heed this; the staff has the right to edit your post if they find things that break our rules. If you then go back in and put back what was removed, your rights will be revoked.

Play Nice

This is not elementary school, this is an adult play ground. If you can't respect your fellow debater and argue like a full grown adult without insulting them, their party, or their intelligence, then I (Kyle) do not want you here.

Posting rights revoking

If any of the above rules are violated, I will revoke posting rights to the political forum without question.

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