A list of cities in the story, as with corporations, only stories that actually make an appearance will be listed. Villages and towns are not listed.

New Silverance

New Silverance, also known as the 'Jewel of the North', is one of the first cities to spring up after the Great Collapse. It is located on the Canadian West Coast and covers almost thirty five thousand (35,000) square miles. Geni-Corp makes it's home in N.S. and are the ruling government body of the city.

For more information: new_silverance


Malacite is the name of an underwater city, located in the pacific option, the city is massive in size and scope, covering almost one hundred and ninety eight thousand square miles. The cities size comes from the fact that it can't build in the same fashion that a surface city can, and there exists lots of pipes that connect the underwater buidings and domes.

The Holy Malacite Corporation makes it's own in Malacite, and are the ruling government body.

For more information: malacite


Qyunabe is a city found in South America, it is one of the smallest cities around, at only five hundred and twenty one square miles. It's a lawless city though, with a high crime rate and death around practically every corner. Qyunabe is governed by the Celoron Corporation.

For more information: qyunabe

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