Listed here are corporations found in the Geonosis Story. Not all corporations will be listed, only those that make an appearance or those that are present in the first chapter.


Geni-Corp is a corporation whose interests reside with both technological research and agricultural farming. They make their home in New Silverance, a city located on what was once the Canadian West Coast and overlooks a large naval shipyard owned by the city.

The corp employs close to four thousand employees in New Silverance alone, and maintains a number of satallite offices around the city. They are the largest food producer and distributor in the world and also have a decently sized police force to protect their assets.

Celoron Corp

Celoron Corp is a corporation found in the city of Qyunabe, located in the heart of South America. They are one of the leading corporations in weapons research and manufacture and also export a lot of their wares to private groups.

The corp is known however for being aggressive in the hunt for crystal fragments, and goes as far as terrorist bombings.

Holy Malacite Corporation

Holy Malacite Corporation, or known simply as 'HMC' is a corporation that makes it's home in the underwater city of Malacite, the city is named after it. HMC are considered a neutral entity in the Corporation Wars, as its been called, and prefer to keep to themselves and away from the surface world.

HMC focus their interests primarily on research and development, due to their proximity to underwater geo-thermal geysers that they can use.

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