Euy'ica Family

The Euy'ica Family is a family of only three indivisuals: Syaoran Euy'ica, Rin Euy'ica, Yuki Euy'ica.

The history behidn the Euy'icas is that their ancestors survived the Great Collapse, hiding out in the bunker that was constructed in Texas by a small private group. The family was able to live on for hundreds of years, creating a number of generation's that have succeeded.

When the bunkers were opened up, the ancestors of the family came out to find a world that was wasted. The lands around the bunker had been irradiated and there was very little that could be done to fix it. Instead, the family, along with a number of other survivors, journeyed to the north to see about finding civilization. This journey took them four years, due in large part to bandit activity in the American north in what used to be North and South Dekota, and their need of fighting these bandits in order to stay alive utilizing weaponry that was centuries old yet still effective.

It was obvious to the family and those who went with them just how scattered humanity had become, every major city they came across was in rubble and everyone was fighting for whatever territory they could get. The survivors attempted to barter for food and water, but often times found themselves instead fighting to keep what they had from the very people they tried to trade with.

After three years of this, the survivors arrived in Canada, or what was left of it. They found that Canada hadn't faired any better, in fact, they considered it to be worse off. Many of the lands were under water now, possibly due to the melting of the polar caps. Their journay through this land lead them into more bandits, but their luck soon changed when they stumbled across the city of New Silverance.

This was a godsend to the Euy'ica family, as the moment they arrived they found themselves welcomed into the city, although they didn't fully agree with the goverance; they didn't complain. Getting employment wasn't an issue, as they were a family of engineers and architects who enjoyed finding new ways to construct something; so it didn't take them long to find work in this city as engineers working to help build it.

As the years passed, the Euy'ica family grew in both size and influence, quickly entering into the political arena.

In 2482, Syaoran Euy'ica was born into the family. In 2487, twin's Rin and Vulan were born. Four years later however a tragedy lead to the three kids being placed into an orphanage, no one truly knows what happened to the family.


In 2490, Syaoran, Rin, Vulan were placed into a children's orphanage after a tragedy left them as orphans. They found themselves in a world that was quite different than what they were used to. At the time, Syaoran was only eight while his two siblings were just four.

The orphanage was located outside of the city, a good distance away and thus had no oversight from the government. This lead to the kids often being mistreated by the adults who ran the orphanage, with the kids often being used for manual labor such as keeping the building clean while the staff lounged around.

For the two years that the kids stayed at this facility, they grew more and more distrustful of adults, this changed however when Syaoran found an oppertunity to get out - a job offer from a corporation called 'Geni' looking for people to work on a dock. He was just the right age to start work, as in this time, children could start work as young as nine year's old.

He took the offer, and within a few weeks, he and his twin siblings were out of the orphanage.

After the orphanage

In the summer of 2492, Syaoran along with Rin and Vulan, left the orphanage they'd spent two years in and moved back to the city of New Silverance; they were afforded room and board by the company Syaoran joined. Along with this came a child-caretaker who would take care of - then - four year olds Rin and Vulan while Syaoran was busy with work. Even at the age of eleven, the twins are still taken care of by a private caretaker though their care also comes from families who the Euy'ica's have gotten to know.

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