Geonosis History

In the year of 2038, Earth had been suffering from a severe food shortage, coupled with the melting of the polar ice-caps. Worldwide governments were completely deadlocked in what to do, greed was the name of the game here, government such as those in China wanted funding in order to hel pfix the problems of the world. While other countries, such as the US and Europe, were suffering from economical meltdowns brought on their elected leaders and their local governments not listening ot the people.

Thus it was only natural that in 2044, the world wide global market collasped entirely, and would hence be known as the 'Great Collapse'. Those who were rich suddenly became poor, those who were already poor but had been on welfare suddenly found themselves without welfare and without the support of their government. Whole corporations went bankrupt, going from making billions in a year to making mere cents in a day.

During this whole collapse, only those who actually expected it to happen, had actually survived with their money intact. These people, located around the world, but who had often been ridiculed by the masses for being 'paranoid' now held the cards of power. However, it would take them any years before they could potentially make any progress, so instead of trying their luck on the surface; they instaed built massive bunkers underground to contain what was left of their families and friends, saving several hundred thousand people from what could be certain death and waiting for the right moment to reappear.

The United States, once considered the most properious nation, was no more. Crushed under the weight of it's own debt, and that of it's citizens, the government wasn't able to recover. China, who had relied solely in the import and export of it's products, was also unable to recover before it's citizens had revolted against the government. Europe had suffered the same fate, it's citizens who had been reliant on the government for support had found themselves without that support. Even countries that weren't first or second world, such as the Middle East, fell into serious turmoil as religious wars sprout up for territorial control.

When the world wide market collasped, panic insued, people began to raid stores for food and other valuables. It didn't take long though for violence to erupt, and in the first week of the collapse, millions had died either from the violence or from the lack of food and water.

The violence continued for several years, with small groups rising up and proclaiming their own territories in the scattered remnants of nations. More died with each year, but with the market collapse came the resurgence of nature. Without the pollutants of factories and industry, the world began to slowly cool down, river that had been decimated by industry began to return to normal and animals that had been endanger of dying out saw a population boom.

Then, in 2075, all of this progress was reversed. In January of that year, several nations which had managed to recover from the collapse, found themselves sitting on stockmiles of nuclear weapons, many of which had been sealed away by their original government and to be used only as a deterrent. These new nations, however, found thier power too much to let go and commited to war against their nighbors for territory.

This started what was referred to as the 'Two Hour War' because it took only two years to radiate nearly eighty one percent of the planet and reduce the human down to mere millions. In the scattered remains of these nations, however, signs of a new beginning started to take shape.

In the year of 2198, the bunkers that had held the survivors of the Great Collapse, were opened up and those survivors began to rebuild. Cities started to appear, under the banner of corporations, who oversaw the revival of the human race. It was believed, firmly, that governments were no longer the answer and that corporations run by multiple indivisuals were the answer to the worlds problems.

Slowly, civilization began a resurgence. People who had been fighting for their lives out in radiated wastelands, soon found themselves attracted to the clean and beautiful cities that were being constructed. It would take these corporations two hundred years, but in the year of 2390, they had succeeded in unitung what was lefet of humanity under one corporate banner.

However, this unity was short lived, as more and more corporations began to reappear - so did humanities nature for violence. Then, in 2420, sciences working for a corporation called 'Geni' discovered a mysterious material in an underwater lab that had been abandoned during the collapse. Those inside, scientists and their families, had all since passed away - their bodies littering the hallways.

This material, referred to as a crystal, was brought up to the surface where it would've been transferred to a Geni lab. However, upon contact with the surface world, the crystal shattered into dozens of pieces and were spread about the world. Geni only posssed one piece of this crystal, which they found in the America's. Whatever the material was, it had gotten the attention of other corporations who wanted it, thus started the 'Crystal Races', a series of events where corporations made attempts at finding this crystal and piecing it back together.

However, everytime one corporation managed to find one piece, another would steal it; this was a never ending cycle… and cycle that was quickly growing on the nerves of the people.

Now, in the year of 2498, the war between the corporations has only gotten worse….

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