Geonosis Tech

Here is a list of technology that has been sen in the story.

Rediata Glove

The Rediata Glove is a gloved item that was created by Geni-corp shortly after they resurged into civilization. The item works by utilizing a series of power crystals that aren't fully understood by most people, but that just works so people don't question it. These cyrstals are pre-programmed to store 'programs' that can be summoned either by the wearer tapping the crystal or by speaking the programs name.

Each glove is unique and can be delivered either without programs, or with an array of such. The gloves functionalities are quite basic and also utilitarian, it can't store weaponry nor can it store any items larger than a small pocket book. It does, however, have calling and receiving capabilities. A volumetric window appears showing the face of the person calling, along with their location, time stamp, and how long the call has been going on.

The following is a list of programs that can be found on the device (but that have also been seen in the story)

Rain Barrier

The Rain Barrier is a mist like barrier that people can summon from their glove, it formulates a barrier roughly three feet in radius above the person that protects them from the rain by blocking the rain. The mist itself is actually a thousand tiny nanobots all grouping together to form the barrier, during which, a person who looks through this barrier might notice that the areas beyond it are 'wavy' or out of focus.

These nanobots only have a life-span of thirty minutes, after which they must return to the glove to recharge.

Defensive Barrier

The defensive barrier works in similiar fashion to the rain barrier, except that it envelopes the user instead of forming above them. The barrier helps protect the user from small arms fire and explosions, but is rather useless against anything larger than a rifle round. However, it is very effective against energy weaponry, as the nanobots can absorb that energy and transfer it to their systems - thus keeping them powered up.

Excess energy is bleedoff by forming an electrical 'cage' around the wearer, this cage has the advantage of protecting the wearer from anyone who gets close - however - it has the disadvantage of frying any nearby electronics and will also fry the gloves electronics after several minutes, which means the glove must be disengaged after it has sustained several directed energy hits or else it will be useless.

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