This is a list of stories that are written by the members of this site, each story is seperated into it's own 'universe', such as the Halo-verse or the Stargate-verse.


MM is a universe created by two of Kyle's friends, CmptrWz and Sonic, almost 'all' of Kyles stories take place in this universe. The MM-verse features untold millions of dimensions, including dimension for Star Trek and Star Wars, Star Gate, just to name a few. Stories that take place in one dimension, will have the 'universe' of that dimension listed beside (Example - Star Trek) however, stories that take place in multiple dimensions will list those dimensions as well (Exampple - ST, SW, SG)

Stories listed as 'Original' are stories that do not take place in any type of existing dimension (such as star trek) and are created purely by that author.

Story Name Category Author
Geonosis Original Kalshion


This is for stories that take place in the Halo-verse as it is currently; these stories should never be listed as 'original' since the Halo-verse was created by Bungie and is looked after by 343 Indusries.



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