The Hunt for Geonosis
Rating PG-13/R
Chapters Unknown
Type Sci-fi Fantasy
Author Kalshion
Co-Author(s) None currently.


In the year 2498, Corporations run almost all aspects of humanity. Although governments exist, all but a small few are under the control of major corporations, these corporations not only control religion but also the flow of technology and ensure that no one affects their rule.

In 2420, scientists discovered something hidden under the ocean floor, an object of great power and mystery. When it was pulled from the water, the object split into pieces and was shattered across the skies. Even after sixty eight years, only two pieces have ever been found and no one knows how many actually were scattered.

Enter sixteen year old Syaoran Euy’ica, a young asian teenage boy who works for one such corporation as a saboteur and is a very good one at that, his corporation hunts for the pieces of his artifact and hopes to one day get their hands on it.

But the truth behind these corporations will not only cause him to rethink his allegiances, but might also, result in him doing something he never thought he’d ever do…


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