Species Trandoshan
Age 23 ~
Gender Female
Height 7’
Eye Color Dark Blue
Skin Color Silvery White
Birth place Unknown
Parents Besk (father, deceased)
Siblings Dresik (brother, deceased), Kosi (sister, deceased)
Spouse Trazu K’Satikur
Children Kassi (f)
Step-Children Silonik (m), Trissan (m), Praska (f), Kyrtha (f) and Zosha (f)
Occupation Former Assassin and step mother

Life isn’t fair. That is one lesson that has been beaten into Asri’s skull almost repeatedly during her life and she wishes wasn’t so painfully true.

It all started some five years ago, when she was ‘normal’ like the rest of the Trandoshans. She lived with her sister and their mother and father, who was a famous…infamous actually…mercenary. Her sister was an attention grabbing, snob nosed little pompous brat, but most days that didn’t bother her, being the more laid back of the two and for the most part satisfied with how her life was going.

That changed the day they reached adolescence, during a route health check up. The check up was to ensure the females weren’t carriers of a genetic disease or sterile: such individuals weren’t put into the database as eligible breeders. The doctors revealed Asri to be sterile, which devastated her for she was looking forward to becoming a mother someday. While she was still reeling from the shock, her father dealt her another blow.

Because of her sterility, in his eyes she was of no use to him and disowned her, leaving her with no rights in Trandoshan society. In a move to beat that fact into her even deeper, he pawned her off to a research laboratory off world to be used as a guinea pig. The first and only experiment those scientists did on her nearly killed her, her last semi-conscious memory before blacking out completely was hearing the head scientist order for her bodies disposal, for her vitals were so low that their equipment couldn’t read them.

When she came too some unknown time later, she found herself in a junkyard and her body altered in ways that all but put the final seal on her status as outcast to her people. Her once glossy green scales were now a stark white, her fiery orange eyes now dark blue. In places of darkness she no longer saw by heat, instead she now had true nightvision. She was now not only a freak, but one cursed with odd cravings. These cravings were for anything that had a high metal content that was edible: the first thing she consumed that satisfied this craving was the blood and liver of a human scrounger who was looking for scrap. How she knew that would be what she needed she didn’t know, guessing it was some newly ‘programmed’ instinct that was a side effect of the experiment.

She took up a life of planetary nomad not long after, feeding off of those that wouldn’t be missed: she would feed off of animal blood when she could…but found humanoid blood far more satisfying. Finding that homeless folk didn’t typically enough credits to pay for transport most times, she took up working in the cantinas as a dancer. She could never work in one place for very long though, for after a few nights the authorities would catch on that there may be a homeless serial killer about. Asri did meet up with a Tran during one shift that seemed to see past her freakish appearance and the two hooked up. For the first time in a long time, Asri felt happy and content…but it was not to last.

A chance encounter with one of the scientists that performed the experiment on her dropped a bomb shell on her life once again. She had been curious what it was they were trying to do to her and this scientist, who she ‘persuaded’ to tell her, revealed that they were experimenting with nanotech, particularly nanotech that would alter genes of a individual. The original ‘intent’ was to alter her sight, which was successful, but the obvious color change meant there was something wrong with the programming. When she allowed him to take a closer look at her scales he discovered and revealed something else: tiny spots on her skin were now a metallic silver. This meant one thing: the nanos weren’t altering her genes…they were replacing entire cells. Eventually, she was told, her body would be completely inorganic. Before she could get an estimate on how long it would take…the scientist managed to escape.

It was bad enough she had no status with her people and barely any with the galaxies society as a whole, now she was losing the very thing that defined her as ‘living’. Distraught, she turned to her lover for comfort, telling him what she discovered. But he ran away, fearing ‘contamination’, breaking her heart and almost her will to live. For the next year or so she again wandered the galaxy, her mind in a grey haze of self pity and sorrow, to never go on the dance floor again, for it would only remind her of the rejection. It took a letter from home that snapped her out of her stupor, one that dropped yet another bombshell.

It was from her mother, who revealed that her sister had pulled a double cross: it was her sister that was sterile not her and she had somehow bribed the doctors into switching the results of the tests. Before the thought of revenge never crossed her mind, but now with this new information she had a burning desire for it. Her sister caused all these things to happen to her…just because she wanted to delay her own fate and keep her ‘favored’ status in the family. Herself pity turned to bitterness, her sorrow to anger, she started to become more careless in her hunts, taking out her frustrations on those as unfortunate as herself.

With the risk of her being caught now high due to her recklessness, she was certainly going to be caught. However a Sith Lord had homed in on her anger and sought to use her abilities to meet his own needs. Seeing this as an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to hunt down and extract her revenge on those that hurt her Asri accepted his offer to employ her. Through his guidance and contacts, she learned how to use the Trandoshan weapon known as a K’Zur with great effect and perfected her abilities to move from shadow to shadow without being detected. For the first time, she was killing for credits, not just to survive and as part of the deal the Sith Lord would help her track down her sister.

She finally did track down her sister, who was now homeless and poor and had her revenge. However the accomplishment felt hollow, for her sister had already lost everything save her life….and death was just an early release from her suffering. Wanting to have a truly satisfying revenge, she started tracking down her father: a much more dangerous target.

However the Sith Lord that had helped her suddenly disappeared, rumors flying that he had been taken out by the Jedi. Her employer, source of information and credits gone, she was once again a wanderer. An assassin for hire, still burning for revenge and bemoaning her tragic life, who has learned to accept her fate, yet desires deep in her heart to be normal again.

Eventually she focused her attention on her father, the one who sent her to the scientists that made her what she was. Her quest to kill him brought her back to Trandosha, which was in a throws of a great struggle between two large parties that was reminiscent of the old Empire/Rebellion conflict. While Asri agreed with the ideals of the Separatist Movement, she was too busy with the task of bringing her father down to help them. As it turned out, a series of events both indirectly and directly caused by the Separatist enabled her to weaken her father enough to finally slay him. Shortly afterward, she was not only accepted into the ranks of the Separatists, but the open minded second-in-command, Rissonik, offered her membership into his Clan. It was almost too much for her to bear: she had lived the past few years of her life as an outcast believe she had no chance of rejoining her people’s society, yet this male saw past her outcast status to the worth she really was and offered her a chance to start life anew. How could she refuse?

After the Separatist succeeded in their mission, Asri settled down somewhat on the K’Satikur Clan grounds. Sha’tor Rissonik’s grandchildren unexpectedly ‘adopted’ her as their new sitter, much to the distain of their Aunt, Varcanna, who simply didn’t trust the albino. There was tension between the two females until word arrived from Yavin that Trazu, under the full control of the evil spirit the K’Satizitus, had just attempted to kidnap Silonik, his son. Through Silonik the Clan now knew the spirit’s weakness and the race was on to find and destroy the key: the Skull of the K’Satizitus’ old physical body.

The skull was once a decoration on the Clan Grounds itself, but during the recent conflict it had been stolen, so no one knew where it was. Asri joined in the search and while the spirit was distracted dueling a Jedi that had assisted the Separatists during their movement, Asri found the skull in the chambers of former Elder Counselor Hyossk, who was the Separatist’s main opponent and had killed himself during the conflicts final stages.

Destroying to skull ended up being a difficult task, for it had powers of it’s own to defend itself. After getting battered and bruised a bit, Asri finally resorted to using one of the mini thermal detonators she had acquired on one of her old missions, blowing the skull, and nearly herself, into smithereens. Heralded as a hero by the Clan, Asri found herself finally gaining the respect she deserved: even Varcanna started showing her a bit more respect. However what soon happened afterward still took her by complete surprise.

Trazu, now free of the K’Satizitus, started courting her and eventually won her heart. Through Trazu she gained the affection she had longed for so long and the greatest gift of all, one she thought she would be forever denied: a child of her own. The birth of her daughter Kassi made her life truly complete, and now she cared not if she was turning into a machine.

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