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Besyr Negan
Alias/Nicknames Scratch
Species Turian
Sex Male
Eye Color Grey iris with dark grey sclera
Skin Color Brown with light grey-brown counter shading. Carapace is dark beige, but with dark-warm grey face plates/mandibles
Birth Place Unknown
Parents Unnamed and both deceased
Siblings None
Job Former second-in-command of the Tyranors, current leader of the Discord Dominon

Besyr was born to a pair of low class turians, both of whom had an addiction to various recreational drugs and alcohol. Despite their addictions however, they were honorable turians and took very good care of Besyr and he was a happy, well-adjusted child as a result. That all changed however when his father was killed in a vehicle accident and his mother OD’d on drugs out of grief shortly after.

He found out the hard way afterward that because of their addiction, their respective families wanted nothing to do with them and, by proxy, Besyr. This left him with no family to go to after their death and he was thrown into the foster care system. While he tried to adjust and be a good boy to his foster parents, the stigma of who is parents were plagued him. It wasn’t long before his foster parents started mistreating him rather than giving him the chance to prove himself to them. As a result, he started wishing his parents were still alive, as they took care of him better.

This ultimately lead to him starting to resent the social system of turian society as a whole, as he learned that it was a turian’s duty to intervene in cases like his parents to prevent accidents. Since no one bothered to save his parents from themselves, he felt the government was ultimately responsible for their deaths and he wanted to make changes in said government. When he grew old enough to start petitioning for such a changes, he was laughed at.

His resentment now at its peak, he started doing protests and eventually got the attention of Ralus Teselin, the leader of the Tyranors at that time. Comforted that he wasn’t the only one that felt things needed to change, he joined the gang and quickly rose up the ranks. Due to his intelligence and budding leadership skills, Ralus named him as his second-in-command and successor after only a couple of years.

This didn’t sit well with some of the membership, particularly a relatively new member named Brulus Zissen, whom felt the gang wasn’t doing enough to get their voice heard. Besyr hadn’t liked Brulus from the moment he saw him and had repeatedly warned Ralus about him. Ralus agreed, but resisted throwing Brulus out, as Ralus didn’t want him forming a rival gang that would split the movement. Having two such movements, he said, would risk canceling each other out as they would be too busy trying to outdo each other, rather than the goal at hand.

It would be all for naught, however, when Ralus died suddenly one day. Besyr suspected foul play at Brulus’ hand, but had no evidence. During the remembrance ceremony where Besyr would officially take on leadership, Brulus openly challenged him. After a short, heated debate on how the gang should achieve their goals, Brulus attacked him. Though he was expecting a fight, Besyr did not expect the fierceness by which Brulus fought. He managed to hold his own for a while, but was eventually overwhelmed and defeated.

Shamed and beaten, Besyr had no choice but to submit leadership to Brulus. He was expecting to be cast out of the gang, even killed, but Brulus surprised him by doing neither. Instead, most likely as an insult, Brulus left him as second-in-command, stating that he was the most worthy of that position over anyone else currently in the gang. Besyr begrudgingly accepted, hoping that one day he would get the opportunity to take back what was supposed to be his.

-more to come_

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