Chelos Seisteren
Birth name Unknown
Species Vakar (Turian Vampire)
Sex Male
Eye Color Pale ice blue
Skin Color Grey with bluish very light grey carapace. Greyish light purple colony markings
Birth place Unknown
Biological Parents Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Vakar Info
Powers Electricity conjuring and wire tapping/hacking
Code name meaning Static Monitor
Sect Erapax’s Sect
Territory not specified.
Highest Held Rank Master
Current Rank Master

Chelos in his childhood years was a street smart street urchin. Having been an orphan for as long as he could remember, he used his wits and cunning to stay ahead of the competition for food and other resources. As he grew older, he developed a knack for by passing security, becoming a skilled lockpicker and hacker. This naturally got the attention of the criminal element, whom wanted to enlist him into various gangs to use his abilities for their gain. However, Chelos was disgusted by what these gangs wanted to use him for, finding it selfish. Thus, he would help them…right into police hands. This of course pissed off numerous criminal factions, but Chelos always managed to stay one step ahead of them.

He did briefly join the military once he came of age, but he found it too restrictive and went AWOL after only a year, using his hacking abilities to wipe his name out of the records. Afterward, he returned to the familiar life on the streets. While he never liked working directly with the Hierarchy, he did enjoy helping them by making criminal lives miserable. He would break into their accounts and forward the copies of their contents to the police. Sometimes he would drain their bank accounts and then give the credits to those that needed it more, always anonymously.

Then he finally made a mistake and a particularly nasty gang member cornered him. He fought the best he could, but he was overpowered. Before the vicious man killed him however, he was saved by a turian he thought was a biotic a first, but was a corrected when the man told him he was a vakar. Chelos laughed at first, thinking he may have been hit to hard in the head during the fight. He was assured, however, that vakar were very real and challenged him to meet him in a specific building the following night. Still skeptical, but curious, Chelos agreed.

(more to come)

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