When writing, especially from the point of view of an non-human/alien being, it doesn't usually make sense for said character to use human slang/terminalogy. So, to help make it clear that these characters are not human, I make up words to replace certain human ones. I do not out of my way to make a whole dictionary of course, just a word here and there where it makes sense that the word would be different. So here is a list of words I've made up, along with a brief defination and which genre I use it in. This page will expand over time, no doubt.

Abo - Asexual (Halo, Sangheili)

Agyat - large herbivorus animals used as cattle on Sanghelios (Halo, Sangheili)

Akisi - Originally meant outcast, but now is usually referred to specifically albino Trandoshans, or white demons (Star Wars, Trandoshan)

Kar'zu - An annual hunt of rat-like creatures on the Ribal Keep grounds. (Halo, Sangheili)

Ka'ur - Leopard-like predator on Sanghelios (Halo, Sangheili)

Kazuk - Swear word (Star Wars, Trandoshans)

Ma'esi - Horse-like animal riden by agyat herders (Halo, Sangheili)

Maiken - Someone who another is life debted/pacted to (Halo, Lipor)

Maishi - ancient Trandoshan word for the Force (Star Wars, Trandoshan)

Mirki - 'Keeper of the Dead'. Individuals that keep track of who died and how. (Halo, Sangheili)

Sebo - Bisexual(Halo, Sangheili)

Semo - Homosexual(Halo, Sangheili)

Sha'tor - Leader of a Trandoshan Clan/House (Star Wars, Trandoshan)

Shuka - Tribal Leader/Chief (Halo, Sangheili)

'Supmus me'yu' - 'Spirits bless you', greeting between two members of the Hilvum keep. (Halo, Sangheili)

'Mo Doumus me'yu' - 'May the Mother bless you' (multiple)

'Och, och. Ya'kada' - 'Calm, Calm. No harm.' (Halo, Sangheili)

Warso - Smart ass (Halo, Sangheili)

Ut'su - Small herbivorus animal used for meat and Sanghelios equivilent for wool (Halo, Sangheili)

Ves'ti - A small blade that has a hidden chamber in its hilt. Used to deliver messages to rivals (or to challenge kaidons) (Halo, Sangheili)

Vileu - Worthless, without worth, etc (multiple)

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