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Elpida Statis
Alias/Nicknames Elisa, Elpi, Red Talon
Species Turian
Sex Female
Eye Color Red-Orange iris with dark grey sclera
Skin Color Dark red brown with brownish grey countershading and brown carapace
Birth Place Undetermined
Parents Mylos Statis (father)
Siblings None
Job Former Assassin, Agent for the HBI

Elpida was born an only child to a pair of turians whom were up high on the succession ladder. Due to their high status and being unable to have more children, they had high expectations for their daughter. They also were extremely overprotective of her, particularly her mother, who became paranoid over her safety and well-being to the point of insanity. She refused to let Elpida play outside, let alone with other children. This meant she didn’t go to school like most normal turians and was strictly homeschooled.

As she grew older, Elpida started growing curious about what went on outside her home. One day she snuck out and joined a group of neighborhood kids in a game of tag. She never felt such joy before, such freedom, but it was short lived, as her mother, fanatic, snatched her away and pulled her back into the house, scolding her harshly for being so ‘reckless’ and telling her that ‘proper’ turians don’t do that.

Confused and not wanting to believe it, Elpida started to become more and more rebellious. The more rebellious she became, the harsher her parents became. Eventually she was restricted to just her room and the bathroom, only allowed to come out when one of her parents were with her. They even went as far as to put bars on her window to keep her from escaping.

Desperation is a strong motivator: shortly after her thirteenth birthday, Elpida broke her way free one and ran away, never looking back. She quickly learned just how scary the outside world could be when she wound out in one of more rundown neighborhoods. Lacking in social skills and having no street smarts at all, she quickly ran a fowl of some of the local. Just as she was starting to regret leaving home, an older, street-wise female turian intervened, saving her life.

When questioned on why she was so far from home, Elpida told her tale and the older woman, Thisera, took pity on her and took her in. From her, she learned things her parents refused to teach her, like how to defend herself and badly needed social skills. When she started seeing the news reports about her disappearance and the interviews with her parents pleading for her to return home, she felt no sympathy for them: Thisera was more of a parent to her than they ever were.

Eventually, she found out that Thisera was an assassin called Red Talon and Elpida, intrigued, wanted to learn more. With a bit of hesitation, Thisera agreed to teach her, but with the dire warning that such a life leads only to pain in the end. At that point in her life, being an adolescent after all, Elpida didn’t care and took in the lessons with vigor. She quickly picked up how to fight with duel daggers and how to use a sniper rifle. Thisera also taught her how to disguise herself to mask her identity, which became really useful when she had to go into areas of town where her parents frequented.

Eventually, she started going on jobs with Thisera and had her first kill, a Volis merchant that had gotten too greedy and pissed off the local mafia. Having never taken a life prior to that moment, Elpida wasn’t sure she liked how she felt about it. Thisera reassured her, telling her that the first one was always the hardest to take and that it got easier each time. However, she also told her that it was important to only take the life of the mark, to kill others, even in self-defense was to be avoided if possible. She also warned her about getting to know too much about the target, lest it causes a conflict to interest.

That advice came to head a couple of years later when they were asked kill a VIP at the opening ceremony of a new embassy building: the VIP being her own father. For the first time since taking up these kind of jobs, she felt conflicted: this was a man she was sure she hated, yet he was still her father. When she told Thisera this, her mentor understood and went to take the shot herself. However, before Thisera could pull the trigger, someone in the audience killed their target instead.

The sudden shock and grief Elpida felt at seeing her own father fall was too much. She screamed, drawing attention to their position. Their position, and job, compromised, Thisera quickly got them out of there before the police arrived. Once back at their safe house, Elpida spent several days moping around, confused and distraught. She never thought she would actually miss her father, let alone be grieved by his death.

Worse, since they failed to kill the target themselves, the ‘employer’ of that job was not happy and put a bounty on the Red Talons head. For months, Elpida and Thisera was on the lam, both from the police and bounty hunters. It was the police that eventually caught up with them and during the ensuing fight, Thisera was mortally wounded. In her dying moments with the police closing in, she told Elpida that she was like a daughter to her and that she regretted bringing her into lifestyle. She also told her to run and to continue to lay low, as the police would not be sympathetic to her. Elpida didn’t want to leave her to die alone, but at Thisera’s urging and her own desire to live and to remain free kicking in, she eventually heeded.

It took traveling to Palaven and using a completely different name before she lost her pursuers. With Thisera dead and only her weapons and the clothes on her back, Elpida found herself feeling lost and lonely for the first time in years. For several weeks, she struggled to get back onto her feet until she met a turian named Brulus Zissen. He had the contacts and money she lacked: the two formed a business partnership. Brulus also was a master of disguise and he helped her improve upon her own disguises and multiple identities. After a year of working with him, she finally adopted the title Red Talon, in Thisera’s memory, and also adopted her colony markings.

As time passed, she and Brulus made a lot of money, however things were starting to not go well in other areas. Brulus had gotten himself involved in a particularly notorious anti-hierarchy group called the Tyranors and was becoming increasingly obsessed about it. This bothered her, as she got info that it was a similar anti-hierarchy group that was responsible for her father’s death. On top of that, Brulus started to make sexual passes at her and she wasn’t interested in him in that way. These passes got increasingly more and more aggressive as time went on and Elpida started to feel unsafe around him.

Then, one night after a successful high-paying job, Elpida passed out after drinking a bit too much, or so she thought. When she woke up with Brulus in the same bed with her, she flipped, demanding to know what he did last night. Brulus cheekily admitted to drugging her last night and raping her: he even had the gall to say that it was her fault that he had to resort to such measures. Elpida went into a rage, causing Brulus to be fearful for his life for the first time since she met him. She chased him out of the safe house, telling him to never return. Brulus submitted, but warned her that she won’t survive long without him. She was determined to prove him wrong and she thankfully had the foresight to keep her share of the job money in a separate secure bank account.

Despite her determination, she had difficulty finding jobs, no doubt due to Brulus and his extensive contact network. The few she did find did not pay much, but she wasn’t about to picky, as she knew her savings would not last forever. Then, she found out she was pregnant.

The news freaked her out, as she knew a child would seriously impede her ability to get work. She also had no desire to have children, as she doubted her ability to rise children in the first place. How to get rid of the thing growing inside her though, was a problem. Going to an abortion clinic was out of the question, as genetic testing was mandatory and that was the one surefire way to reveal her identity. She also didn’t want to attempt induce a miscarriage herself, as the risk of permanently crippling herself was too high.

Then she remembered what exposure to eezo dust usually to fetus’ and she traveled to the nearest eezo refinery to purposely expose herself. However, despite repeated exposure, the fetus within her continued to grow and develop. With no other recourse, she decided to just wait it out and just dump the baby at a hospital once it was born.

The day of the birth was rough, having had no pre-natal counseling or other kind of support to prepare for it. When it was over, she thought the baby was still born as it wasn’t moving. Partly out of curiosity, and partly out of fear, she picked up the still form, only for it to suddenly stir to life at her touch. It was a boy and he shared the same eye color as her father.

A sudden, strangle warmth washed over here then: she couldn’t give this boy up, despite knowing she couldn’t feasibly live the life of an assassin with a child so young with her. She remembered the words of warning of her mentor, Thisera, about how the life of an assassin usually only brought pain in the end. Elpida realized what she meant: to continue on as she was, would put her son at risk and the thought of losing her son, even though she only known him for such a short time, was too much to bear.

So she decided to try to set herself straight and to remind herself of that goal, she named her son after her father: Mylos.

-more to come-

Notes warning: things here are subject to change!

  1. Elpida will eventually finds out (via Besyr) that her mother is still alive
  2. After a lot of debate (and encouragement from her new husband (not telling who it is, as that would be too spoily!)), she decides to visit her.
  3. Her mother is shocked to see her, but also relieved, and invites her in so they can talk.
    1. Elpida learns that no one in the neighborhood believed she even had a daughter to begin with, due to how well she kept Elpida from everyone. This controversy is what led to the police giving up on the search for her sooner than they would have, due to the doubts to her mother’s credibility.
    2. Her father went public on how he tried to encourage her mother to allow Elpida to experience the outside world. This ultimately led to their divorce and while her father continued to try to find her until his assassination, her mother ultimately gave up because no one believed her.
  4. Elpida does tell her mother everything on what happened in her life, including her son Mylos.
    1. her mother is thrilled to learn that she is a grandmother.
    2. she also gives Elpida a ‘I told you so’ speech about the problems she encountered, though Elpida counters that if she hadn’t been so sheltered, those encounters may not ever had happened in the first place.
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