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Full Length

Zendou Series

This is a series of six stories detailing important events in my character, Zeno ‘Ribal’s, life. Male/male themes are present throughout the series, so those that do not like this sort of thing I would not recommend reading these stories. Timeline of these stories cover the entirety of the Halo series and beyond.

Isolation Zeno ‘Ribalee, a Sangheili minor fresh out of war college, finds himself stranded on a human controlled planet due to reasons he had no control over. After a month on his own, he starts losing hope of being rescued and his sanity. When a group of SpecOps discover him after an encounter with a squad of humans, Zeno must make the ultimate sacrifice to prove himself to them.

Acceptance After the events of Isolation, Zeno finds himself in a new life as a member of the SpecOps. However, unexpected feelings for another Sangheili threaten to ruin this new life before it begins. To prevent this, he must learn to accept himself for who and what he is, or remain miserable for the rest of his life.

Trials Just a few short months after the events of Acceptance, Zeno's relationship with Miko is tested by both friend and foe. During these trials, a darker side starts to emerge.

Revelations It's been eight years since Zeno had joined the Recon Unit of Special Operations and started a relationship with Miko 'Kemotee. Now the greatest challenge for Zeno has come: the Great Schism.

Duel Hearts Ambassador Zeno 'Ribal is still struggling with his past and haunted by nightmares. Then, he takes pity on a Sangheili that is running away from his own troubles and sets in motion events that changes two lives forever.

Untold Truths Only a couple of months after the events of Duel Hearts, Zeno is forced to return to Sanghelios, where he learns of dark secrets, conspiracies and plots which compel him to return to his keep, likely to his doom….


Full length stories that are not really part of a series.

The Warrior’s Agenda The Arbiter struggles to find his purpose and identity after the end of the war. His sanity is saved when he finds an unusual stowaway onboard the Shadow of Intent, a creature that was no mere stupid animal. With this creature’s help, he not only starts to find himself once again, but gains a new faith and uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to unravel the Human/Sangheili alliance.

Chains of the Past Two years after the events of The Warrior’s Agenda, Kesi still has not been caught and is proving to be a thorn in everyone’s side. Meanwhile, the Arbiter finds a homeless female that has a surprising link to both friend and foe; Rtas must come to terms with the demons of his own past; and a paranoid councilor threatens them all.

Shorts & One Shots

Stories that are either one chapter long, or are a series of individual stories under one title.

Misfortunate Events A series of individual stories detailing some of the more humorous events in my Haloverse. Some are a part of my personal canon, while others are just random silliness.

FlamethrowerSchool VisitPolishArmor TroubleSorry!SisterHorsing AroundValentine’s Day Hi-jinxTootsie Pop - Strip Poker - A Haunting

His Greatest Weakness The Arbiter fights to keep something that would ensure his sanity. Unfortunately, his opponent knows exactly how to win.

Shattered Dreams A female Sangheili, convicted of a horrible crime and sentenced to die, learns at the last moment just how truly horrible her crime is.

Breaking Tradition Anko ‘Tidumee returns to his keep for the first time in six years to see about personal matter. What he discovers changes two lives forever.

The Deal At the dawning of the Covenant, a clan of outcast Sangheili is offered a deal in exchange for faith. Will Nant, the current leader of this clan, refuse the offer or risk all to improve his clan's lot in Sangheili society?

The Fate of Veer Set during events of The Cole Protocol, Veer is left alone on a ship while Thel and the other Sangheili go on a mission. Left alone with hundreds of Unggoy, whom are acting strangely….

Monster An exile returns to what used to be his home, only to cross the final line that separated him from becoming a complete monster….

Chaos Theory ONI intends to use a newly discovered Halo ring to wipe out the Sangheili, with the Arbiter forced to witness. However the Arbiter ends up with an unexpected savior….

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