Individual Powers

If a vakar survives the first ten years of existence, they start to develop at least one, usually two, different powers that are usually different from the other members of the sect. Learning to control these powers are essential to earning the rank of Tier 2, which can take decades to accomplish. Succeeding, grants them powers that give them an edge against the criminal underworld they prey upon.

Power Schools

Individual vakar powers are separated into different ‘schools’, though some naturally can fit into more than one. The schools are as follows:

Combat - Powers that can be caused directly in offensive and defensive ways. Most vakar usually have one power that fits in this school. These powers can be affected by both effect and influence fields.

Observation - A less common school, observation powers enable vakar to ‘observe’ targets at great distances. Many of these powers require the use of an object related to their theme. Can only be affected by effect fields.

Stealth - These powers enable the vakar to move about without being seen or heard by those around them. Influence/ fields limit the range of this school of power.

Transportation - This school covers powers that enable vakar to cover vast distances very quickly. Teleportation powers, however, require the presence of an object that matches their theme to use. Can be affected by both effect and influence fields.

Some powers fit into more than one school, while a rare few don’t really fit into any: in a way, it depends on how creative the vakar gets with their powers. With most vakar, their two powers come from different schools. However, occasionally, a vakar’s two powers will turn out to be from the same school.

Power Theme

In many cases, a vakar’s powers are based around a particular theme. For instance, a vakar that discovers he or she can control fire, will usually have their second power be related to it in some way. Most themes usually involve an element, like ‘shadow’ or ‘earth’, though it could also be something like ‘strength’ or ‘power’. Occasionally, the powers do not have an obvious relation, which can lead to problems coming up with a codename, since codenames tend to be heavily based on their powers theme.

Sometimes, a vakar will develop a power that, essentially, combines two elements. This is an extremely rare occurrence and the cost is always that power being very energy intensive to use. These ‘duel themed’ powers, however, always follow one specific rule: they are never the combination of two elements that are direct counters of each other. For instance, fire and water will never show up as a ‘duel theme’ power.

Controllers vs conquerors

The Combat school of powers are further split into two camps: controllers and conquerors.

Controllers - Vakar that are controllers can only use their powers if the element they can control is already in existence. As such, controllers are usually limited to elements that are either naturally abundant, or are easily created with a second party source they keep on their person. Earth and air controllers are prime examples, as those two elements are almost always available.

Conquerors - Unlike controllers, conquerors can create the element they use out of seemingly nothing. The limitation, however, is that they can only control what they create themselves, with the other downside of it being more costly, energy wise. Conquerors tend to have elements that are not as abundant, or doesn’t even exist naturally. Ice, is one example of a conqueror power.

Some elements can be used by either controllers or conquerors, such as fire. When a conqueror and controller that has a similar theme square off, it’s usually the controller that will win. This is because a controller will always be able to take control of the conqueror’s created element and turn it back on them. However, if there is a great age difference between the two, with the conqueror being the eldest, the conqueror may be able to simply overwhelm the younger controller.

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