Ky’yn Nekispo
Birth name Ky’yna Vyessan
Species Vakar (Turian Vampire)
Sex Female
Eye Color Yellow/Yellow-Orange
Skin Color Med-grey with light grey carapace, dark, blue-grey tattoos
Birth place Farming village on Revati
Biological Parents Unamed
Siblings One unnamed elder brother
Vakar Info
Powers Fire & Temperature Control
Code name meaning Heat Wave
Sect Last surviving member of the Revati sect
Territory none at present
Highest Held Rank Tier 2
Current Rank Lone

Ky’yna was born into a small family of farmers on Revati, a prison planet ran by the Hierarchy. While she had a good simple life, she desired to do more for the Hierarchy. So when she came of age, she joined the local military, becoming a mechanical engineer at one of the support bases in the main city of the planet. She would quickly learn that life in the city was very different from the small farm community she grew up in.

One of the first things the young naïve turian was told was to beware of a criminal organization known as the the Black Syndicate, a group that had a growing influence on just about everything in the city. In fact, the base she was working in was one of the last few hold-outs against them. Her naiveté however lead her to believe that so long as she didn’t actively act against them, they would leave her alone.

It seemed to work, until she struck up a friendship with a man named Vidan Dothesian, whom worked as a delivery man. Her co-workers warned against contact with him, stating that he was one of the ‘filthy Syndicate’. Vidan would admit to it, but unwillingly due to his relation to one of the membership, namely the second-in-command, his father, Stalus Dothesian. He told her he wanted nothing to do with the Syndicate, but felt trapped due to his relation and expectation he would eventually take his father’s place. Ky’yna believed him, but couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Her anxiety would prove founded when the Syndicate snuck a bomb, disguised as a normal delivery box, into Vidan’s delivery truck. Ky’yna realized it was bomb before it went off and shouted a warning. Unfortunately, it went off before she could get fully behind cover, burning her heavily on her left side. The pain caused her to blackout.

When she came to in the hospital, she found that she had lost half her left forearm, including her hand. Viden was there beside her, distraught and swearing that he didn’t know they had switched one of the boxes on him. She asked him why they tried to kill her, as she had done nothing to them herself. Vidan told her that the Syndicate had a ‘if you are not with us, you are against us’ policy, meaning no one is seen as neutral. It didn’t matter to them that she would have left them alone. With that statement, her innocence was forever shattered.

Once she was out of the hospital, she started looking for support to go against the Syndicate. However, everywhere she turned, even the local police, all she found was either turians that were too afraid to act, or were heavily bribed. Worse, she got word that the official military was pulling out, as they could not get the reinforcements from the Hierarchy to help deal with the problem: it stank of Syndicate string pulling.


With no one to help her, let alone trust, she started a one woman campaign against the Syndicate. First she prepared herself by spending a few months studying subjects like electronics and chemistry. She also experimented with making herself a prostatic hand, with limited success, as she did not trust anyone in the medical field considering how far the Syndicate had reached. Once she was ready, she started assassinating Syndicate members, using a different method each time to keep them off her trail while also being careful to minimize innocent causalities. Eventually, Vidan came to her, stating he knew what she was doing and wanted to help her, telling her that through her he felt he could finally be free. She agreed, albeit a bit reluctantly, as she feared the Syndicate would eventually figure it out through him.

After successfully killing a couple of lieutenants, Vidan started suddenly suggesting they leave the planet. Ky’yna refused, stating she was so close to finally ‘hitting the Syndicate where it hurt’. Vidan reminded her of her family, hinting that the Syndicate knew it was hear doing this and that her family was in danger. Though initially shocked by the revelation, it ultimately only strengthened her resolve. She told Vidan that if they were willing to strike at turians that truly had nothing to do with it, then that only cemented in her mind that the Syndicate had to be wiped out.

Sure enough, a couple of days later she got word that her family’s farm was burned to the ground, with no survivors. For the first time, she wondered if she was really doing the right thing, if she was sacrificing too much on this crusade of hers. Vidan again suggested they leave, saying it was lost cause and that it was too much for one person to do on their own. She almost took him up on the offer.

But then she started hearing rumors, seeing signs of the citizens starting to question the status quo, some even openly opposing the Syndicate. Ky’yna realized she had become an inspiration, a beacon of hope for those that wanted to live without the Syndicate breathing down their neck. She couldn’t stop now. So she didn’t, succeeding in killing three more influential members and seriously wounding another lieutenant, despite Vidan’s insistence that she had done enough.

Then the enviable happened: she made a mistake that lead the Syndicate right to her. Instead of killing her though, they decided to try to break her by showing her just how much control they had. They did this by filing charges against her in the legal system, charges that included the obvious like homicide, but also defamation of character. While waiting for the court date, they frequently came to her, offering a plea deal each time: if she joined them and used her skills for the Syndicate, they would ‘forgive’ her and drop all charges. She flatly refused each time, choosing her principles over her freedom.

What really hurt though, was when Vidan himself pleaded for her to accept the deal. He confessed his love for her, stating that he didn’t want to lose her. Ky’yn asked him what was more important: her life, or the thousands of innocent lives under the Syndicates thumb, and when he couldn’t give her an answer right away, she told him she was done with him. It was one of the most painful things she did, as, secretly, she loved him as well.

The trial was of course a farce. The Syndicate used their power and influence to easily sway the jury in their favor, despite Ky’yn’s efforts to convince them that the Syndicate was the real threat. After she was sentenced to live the rest of her life at the Inferus Talionis penitentiary, she loudly proclaimed that they were all cowards to bend to the Syndicate’s will.


Reality set in shortly after, while on the trip to her new ‘home’. She had lost. Lost her home, family, friends and freedom. She had nothing, she was nothing and no one would be there for her: she was actually expecting the Syndicate to have her killed before she even made it to the penitentiary. Then the transport suddenly stopped and it seemed like her suspicions were about to be realized.

She prepared herself to fight however she could, despite the chains and shackles she was bound with. It would be hopeless, but she rather go down fighting if it came to it. To her surprise (and relief) it was Vidan that came into the hold.

He told her he managed to convince his father, and by extension the big boss, not to have her killed, for it would only make her a martyr and embolden the citizenship even more. Ky’yna protested that would have been a good thing, but Vidan countered that he felt she still could act against the Syndicate. He told her that there was another group on the planet that opposed the Syndicate, one that was nearly wiped out a few decades ago. A group that could use her help.

Ky’yn, intrigued by this information, asked how to meet this ‘group’. Vidan told her she had to first go to the penitentiary and then escape from it. This confused her, but Vidan told her it would make sense when she met them and that in the meantime, he would finally be doing something about the Syndicate himself.

Again Ky’yn protested, saying he would get himself killed. Vidan told her that he had accepted that, saying that she was right the whole time and that he had been selfish. That it was time for him to think of society as a whole and just himself. He also warned her, however, that once she was at the penitentiary, they won’t see each other again.

This tore at her heart more than anything else, as she suddenly realized that he intended to sacrifice himself somehow. Ky’yn pleaded with him not to go through with it, saying that they should run away together and forget the Syndicate and anything else. She didn’t want to lose the only normal thing she had in her life. Vidan responded by parroting back her question about what was more important: his life, or the lives of thousands. Grief stricken, she replied it was the thousands of innocents, ultimately staying true to her principles. She did make one admittedly selfish request: to consummate their relationship, if only to give the illusion for a moment that things had happened differently. Vidan agreed.

Once the deed was done, it was difficult for them to let go of each other, but let go they had to. The rest of the trip to the penitentiary was done in silence. It was hard not to look at Vidan one last time when the penitentiary guards took her in, even harder to throw up a mask of indifference and toughness instead of showing the emotional turmoil she was in. To her surprise, some of the guards were pleasant toward her, a couple even stating that she shouldn’t be there: they were apparently just as trapped as she was.

She was told that the Syndicate had used the courts to ‘put away’ a number of outspoken opponents, so the prison wasn’t as dangerous as it used to be. Still, they put her in a more isolated area, to keep her safe from the few hard criminals they had left. Soon after she was settled in, she found out just what Vidan had been planning.

Turned out he had rigged one of the Syndicate’s own bombs at a party the Syndicate was throwing to ‘celebrate’ her disposal. It took out the current big boss, his father, many of other high ranking members and, sadly, Vidan himself. Such a heavy loss among their leadership would cause infighting for months, a victory she should be celebrating, but found she couldn’t. Instead she was overwhelmed by grief, knowing she really wouldn’t see Vidan again. She would be in for more heartache, however.

Ky’yna found out a couple weeks later that she was pregnant. Sadly, according to prison policy, infants born there were immediately shipped out for adoption. Ky’yna was devastated by the news, as the growing fetus inside her was the only thing she had left of Vidan. She pleaded with the guards that if she had to give the child up, that the child be adopted as far away from the Syndicate as possible. The guards said they would do what they could, but couldn’t make any promises.

The day of the birth came, and true to their word, the baby, a girl, was taken from her the moment it was born. Ky’yna pleaded with them to allow her to at least hold it, but they said they couldn’t. She spent the next week or so depressed.


Then she remembered what Vidan told her: there was another group that opposed the Syndicate and she had to escape to meet them. For the next few weeks she started looking for escape options. Surprisingly the guards didn’t seem to care the few times they caught her checking the perimeter for weaknesses. At first she thought it was because, as they admitted, she didn’t belong there, but she later found out the truth was more frightening.

One of the longtime prisoners told her that anyone that escaped from there, wound up dead at the front gate by the following morning. This gave her pause, wondering just what kind of group Vidan had suggested to she try to meet with. A part of her was wondering if it was just some myth that was wiped to keep the criminals from wanting to escape, but a guard told her that it was very true. She was told that it was part of an arrangement that was made when the planet was colonized centuries ago. However it was admitted that they didn’t fully understand this group: they didn’t kill innocents. Technically Ky’yna wasn’t an innocent due to the assassinations she did, so it was uncertain what they would do to her.

After some debating over this new information, she decided to try anyway. Considering her situation, she may as well be dead anyway. With that in mind, she finalized her escape plan and made her move a few nights later.

Ky’yna broke out of her cell and made her way to the waste treatment plant that the prisoners worked in. With a bit of effort, she got into the main drainage pipe. One long, stinky crawl later and she came out beyond the penitentiary walls, at the edge of a large forest. The first thing she did was strip off the prison clothing she was wearing and wash herself in the nearby stream. Then she put on a fresh pair of prison fatigues she kept protected in a bag.After all, the group wouldn’t know she was an escapee if she didn’t look like one.

She wandered the forest a bit, feeling uneasy due to the oppressing darkness, a darkness the pen light she stole did little to pierce. It wasn’t long before she came into ‘contact’ with…something. Whatever it was, it pounced on her before she could even explain her intentions and felt it bite her neck. Then, just as suddenly it started, the thing jumped off her, but was apparently still in front of her, watching. Only then was she able to get her light on it. What she saw was a male turian…with fangs.


The man introduced himself as Kronos and that they had been trying to get in contact with her for some time. When asked why, he said she as the first potential in years that could join their ranks, ranks that have been badly diminished by the Syndicate. He admitted they had tried to get to her for some time prior to her imprisonment, knowing it would have been only a matter of time before the Syndicate found her. Unfortunately, due to their limited numbers and the Syndicate keeping a watch out for their kind, it proved to be impossible.

When asked what he was, he said he was vakar: immortal turians that pledge to protect turian society from the criminals like the Syndicate. Ky’yna immediately liked that sound of that and requested to know more. Kronos obliged, taking her to one of the safehouses they used. There he told her about the agreement their kind and the Hierarchy had here when the colony was established and what happened when the Syndicate came to power and promptly slaughtered most of the vakar in a while coordinated strike.

Ky’yna felt a kinship with these vakar then, as they had suffered almost as much as she did. She expressed her desire to join them, but Kronos told her she would to be assessed by their Elder first, but he would make the arrangements. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long, as the Elder was quite eager to meet her.

The Elder went over deeper information on the vakar: how they lived, operated and what they could do. Ky’yna was only getting more and more interested as he spoke and was not bothered by the possibility that the turning process could kill her. She underwent the turning process a few days later and handled it rather well despite the intensive fever and persistent hot flashes. To her joy, the turning attempt was successful and she altered her given name to Ky’yn.

What followed was several decades of training, learning how to be a vakar and to control the powers that awakened in her. Kronos (whom had the code name Kasacellas) did most of the teaching, as her powers were similar to his own, being fire based. However, she was always envious that he never needed to find an active fire source to use his powers, where she did. That envy though, was displayed more in the form of teasing, as she was growing fond of Kronos.

All the while though, she not only kept up with her mechanical engineering skills (much to the annoyance of the somewhat tech phobic vakar), when she wasn’t training or snacking on Syndicate. Unfortunately, the Syndicate’s new leadership was even more brutal than the last, which made it even more important to act against them. Her sect constantly reminded her though to use caution, as if the Syndicate found their Sanctuary again, it could mean the end of the vakar presence of Revati. She didn’t like it, but she knew deep inside it was for the best: she didn’t want to lose another family. Soon after she hit a hundred years as a vakar, she was promoted to tier 2 and took the code name Nekispo.

Almost three decades later, Ky’yn got word of the Syndicate wishing to expand their operation to other planets. Knowing from experience how devious they were, she volunteered to hunt the agents they would be sending out to scout out potential locations. The others were hesitant about it, as it would require a lot of space travel, and vakar had a hard time with space travel, but Ky’yn was confident she could do it. The Elder eventually agreed to the idea.

Kronos, however, expressed concern to her in private: by then he and Ky’yn had developed a close relationship, but had yet to fully admit their feelings. He was worried that the risk was too great, seeing there were many things in space vakar had no control over. Kronos also expressed if hunting these agents would even be needed, as surely the official colony worlds would be more mindful. She told him that it was a risk they shouldn’t take and that she could also take the opportunity to forewarn the other worlds about the Syndicate. They went back and forth for several minutes, until Kronos finally relented and told her to be careful and to come back to him in one piece.

After Ky’yn got a list of names and faces on who to look for, she set off, stowing away on a cargo transport for the first leg. She actually managed to get one of the agents on that ship: she threw his body out the airlock. One by one, planet by planet, she succeeded in taking out the agents, getting the last one on Palaven. However just as she was telling Kronos of her success via comm-link, the Reapers arrived.

War and Aftermath

Trapped far away from her sect, there was only one thing Ky’yn could do: do the vakar thing and protect the turians the best she could from the Reapers. Some she saved, many other’s she could not and she nearly lost her own life many times. Then, after a nearly a year of fighting, it was over, the Reapers collapsing as whatever super weapon the allied races had activated.

Having not forgotten about her home, she tried to contact Kronos, only to get nothing but static. Frantic, she tried again and again, until a turian informed her that Revati was completely wiped out by the Reapers late in the war. The news devastated her. Once again, she had lost everything she held dear: that the Black Syndicate was wiped out as well was of little comfort.

Now she roams randomly, trying her best to survive, while still following vakar principles and keep her sanity. So far, she had yet to find another surviving vakar, but perhaps her luck is about to change….

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