The following are NPC characters that have at least some importance to the storylines, or full characters that do not have significant backstory to warrant their own page.

Note: Surnames of some related characters are different because they were created/written about prior to new information about their naming systems was revealed in the book The Cole Protocol.


Anko 'Tidumee

Sangheili that had the Spec Ops Commander rank prior to Rtas. Is also Rtas' non-canon sire.

Appearances: Breaking Tradition, Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Acceptance and Zendou: Trials

Aza 'Ramiz

Child of Azu 'Ramiz (aka the Arbiter) and Sari 'Sasav, twin sister to Talu 'Ramiz.

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Azu 'Ramiz

Thel 'Vadumee's name in my stories, since at the time it was unclear if he still had his name and status.

Appearances: Warriors Agenda and Chains of the Past


A SpecOps Sangheili under command of Anko 'Tidumee, then later Rtas 'Vadumee. He was killed during a mission to reclaim a Covenant Cruiser shortly after the Great Schism began.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Trials and Zendou: Revelations

Ella 'Issal

Non-canon wife of Rtas Vadum, mother of Enko 'Vadum.

Appearance: Chains of the Past

Enko 'Vadum

Non-canon first born son of Rtas Vadum and Ella 'Issal.

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Gala 'Misat

Non-canon older half-sister to Rtas 'Vadum. Used to work as a medic in a local hospital in captial of Sangheilos. She was the one that abused Rtas and made him gynophobic. Current whereabouts is unknown.

Appearances: Chains of the Past, Breaking Tradition

Heko 'Dasal

Owner of Heko's parlor, father of Ella 'Issal. Deceased.

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Henun 'Fiteree

Member of the recon unit, originally paired with Juwi until Juwi attempted to kill Zeno and Miko. Lost his arm during a mission to reclaim a Covenant Cruiser shortly after the start of the Great Schism. A painter in his free time, he is generally easy going and laid back. He once had a crush on Zeno. Currently working as a hashin with Joran.

Appearances: Zendou: Acceptance, Zendou: Trials, Zendou: Revelations, and Zendou: Duel Hearts

Hinto 'Tidum

Hinto was Anko 'Tidumee’s trainer during his growing years and later his friend and mentor. He has a fondness for challenges, as evidence when he took on the challenge of helping Anko raise Rtas, despite having retired long ago. He passed away, due to old age, around the time Rtas started attending war collage.

Appearances: Breaking Tradition

Hyso 'Malic

Elder Councilor, one of a handful that survived the Greath Schism. Paranoid about his status, he was suspicious of the Arbiter's intentions in the political field and did everything he could short of ordering an assassination to rid himself of the competition. He was eventually slain by the honor guards when he went bezerk after the extent of his crimes were revealed to the council.

Appearances: Chains of the Past


Long ago he was in the military, until a training accident shattered his spine. A new medical proceedure saved both his life and his abiltiy to walk, but earned him the ire of both his miltiary brothers and his keep. In disgust, he left both the military and his keep and eventually became a hashin, which he still works as post-Covenant/Human war. Currently has Henun 'Fiteree as his partner.

Appearances: Zendou: Duel Hearts

Justal 'Pokromee

A SpecOps Sangheili under command of Anko, then later Rtas. He was initially suspicious of Zeno, but later learned to trust him. Dislikes Miko due to the pranks that get pulled on him. Was seriously wounded while defending escaping civilains (among them Lila 'Ribal) on High Charity during the Flood outbreak, but saved by the very individuals he was protecting. His current whereabouts is unknown.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Trials and Zendou: Revelations

Juwi 'Hagumee

A member of the recon unit. Hates semos. Later sent to the Weeping Sorrows Pentatentory after attempting to murder Zeno and Miko.

Appearances: Zendou: Acceptance and Zendou: Trials

Kano 'Zantorn

He's a medic working in a hospital somewhere. Besides him being somewhat flamboyently gay, I cannot reveal anything else about him.


Joran's first hashin partner. Has a habit of keeping a twig between his mandibles. He was once farmer that was happy with his lot in life, until a rogue male broke into his home one night and slew his wife. Karu lost an eye while attempted to protect her, but he lost his faith when his keep refused to go after the killer. He eventually became a hashin for that very reason and continued on as one after he avenaged his wife's death.

Appearances: none yet

Kesi 'Musav

A Sangheili that hated the alliance between the humans and his people and attempted to restart the war between them by having the Arbiter assassinated with a human weapon. When that failed, he resorted to piracy and attempted to start his own colony that was loyal to him. He was eventually cornered and slain by both the Arbiter and Rtas 'Vadum aboard his own ship, the Righteous Justice.

Appearances: Warriors Agenda and Chains of the Past

Koni 'Hilvum

Sani and Yura 'Hilvum's older brother.

Appearances: Zendou: Untold Truths

Kou 'Ribalee

Kaidon of the State of Ribal. Kind hearted and fair to those under him, he is much loved by the members of his keep. Perhaps loved too much….

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Acceptance and Zendou: Untold Truths

Ley Ribalai

Brother to Mea, blademaster and Kaidon of the Ribal Keep. He was responsible for caring for and teaching Zeno and Lila, until he turned his back on Zeno due to his homosexuality and sterility. Eventually it would be discovered he was a transexual being blackmailed by Uslo, whom wanted the position of Kaidon for himself.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Acceptance and Zendou: Untold Truths

Lila 'Ribal

Zeno's twin sister. She works as a gi'vea. Long ago, she promised her first born to Zeno, when she heard he was no longer able to sire children of his own. Had a narrow escape from High Charity due to the Covenant Civil War and the Flood infestation. She told Zeno the truth surrounding Kou, ttheir sire's, death, and the apparent troubles Ley was causing the Keep as a whole, prompting Zeno to seek to end Ley's reign.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Acceptance, Zendou: Revelations and Zendou: Untold Truths


Nant's wife.

Appearances: The Deal

Mea 'Ribal

Zeno and Lila's mother, sister to Ley and wife to Kou. Has green eyes which she inherited from her own mother, whom was from a different Keep. As a former gi'vea, she had the right to chose her own mate and she chose Kou after they fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, their first clutch, the one Zeno and Lila were hatched from, became infected with an egg fungus due to improperly cleaned bedding: only Zeno's and Lila's eggs survived. Mea was unable to attempt another clutch the following year due to illness and the year after that, she died when a building collapsed on her.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation


The shuka, or tribal leader, of a tribe of Sangheili around the time of the San 'Shyuum - Sangheili war. Husband of Lun. He is the founder of the State of Ribal.

Appearances: The Deal

Niko 'Tormus

A minor assigned to the Shadow of Intent. Has a tendoncy to get lost very easily. Was murdered by Kesi while visiting the humans on Cairo Station.

Appearances: The Warrrior's Agenda


An outcast that is the current incarnation of a feared entity called simply the Shadow. Has a disorder where his skin is not as elastic/flexible as normal, thus tends to split open in areas where it's supposed to stretch.


Employee and friend of Ella 'Issal.

Appearances: Chains of the Past


SpecOps Officer under Anko 'Tidumee's command. Strong silent type that only speaks when it is necessary. Has some skill in engineering and determined that Zeno's armor was sabotaged. Was given command of a ship durng the Great Schism, but beyond that his whereables and fate is unknown.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation

Tala 'Behon

Mother of Sari 'Sasav, wife of Kesi 'Musav. Her marriage to Kesi was an arranged one by the kaidon of her keep. When she repeatedly failed to conceive a child, Kesi turned abusive toward her. In an act of desperation, she convinced a long time friend, Anko 'Tidumee to mate with her, Sari being the result of that union. Sari's birth did not improve her situation however and Kesi continued to abuse both her and Sari. Eventually forced to go with Kesi upon the Righteous Justice, Tala turned rebellious. She starting sabotaging Kesi's plans whenever she could, including orchestrating the escape of Sari and Telo. She was later killed by Kesi in an act of selfless sacriface to keep Kesi from fleeing when the loyalist fleet finally cornered the ship.

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Talu 'Ramiz

Non-canon child of Azu 'Ramiz and Sari 'Sasav, twin brother to Aza

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Tegs 'Vatem

Minor assigned to the Shadow of Intent and later a major assigned to the Guided Light. Friends with Sani 'Hilvum, Runi 'Gotern and Niko 'Tormus.

Appearances: The Warrrior's Agenda, Chains of the Past, Misfortunate Events

Telo 'Kalim

Younger brother to Tora, unwilling medical officer aboard the Righteous Justice. A coward, he finally grew a bit of spine after Tala pushed him into escaping with Sari. Currently working as one of the Shadow of Intent's medical officers.

Appearances: Chains of the Past

Tora 'Halimee

Older bother to Telo, he was Kesi's right hand man whom pulled the attempted assassination of the Arbiter. Later he was caught, but rather then allow himself to be interrogated, he committed suicide by activating a plasma grenade and putting it into his mouth.

Appearances: The Warrrior's Agenda

Uslo 'Ribal

Captain of the Keep Guard of the State of Ribal. Power hungry Sangheili that was blackmailing Ley 'Ribalai.

Appearances: Zendou: Untold Truths

Yura 'Hilvum

Older sister to Sani and younger sister to Koni. She works as a self defence instructor for Sangheili women on Sangheilos in AUverse. In Zendou, she is a member of the Tal, the warrior caste of the Hilvum keep.

Appearances: Misfortunate Events and Zendou: Untold Truths

Yuteri 'Wamotee

Field Master assigned to the Exalted Spirit and was once Zeno's superior. Despises any sort of disability or other fault in his troops and feels he is doing their species a favor by ridding the species of their taint. He was the one that sabotaged Zeno's armor and left him to die on Truy V. He was killed by Zeno after a chance meeting sometime later.

Appearances: Zendou: Isolation, Zendou: Acceptance and Zendou: Trials


Prophet of Transparency

One of the High Prophets at the eve of the Covenant.

Appearances: The Deal

Captain Wilson

Human ship commander that was captured by Kesi to be used a food source, along with a number of his crew. Fortunately he was among the handful that lived long enough to be rescued by allied forced when Kesi's ship, the Righteous Justice was finally cornered.

Appearance: Chains of the Past

Luke McGuire

Lieutenant working for ONI. One of Zeno's human friends.

Appearances: Zendou: Revelations and Zendou: Duel Hearts


Smart AI in charge of Cargo Station post-Human/Covenant war. Takes the form of an Asian style dragon.

Appearnces: Zendou: Duel Hearts and Zendou: Untold Truths

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