List of either minor vakar characters or characters that don’t have enough background to justify their own page yet.


A tier 1 member of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect whom was the last one created by Lord Nopha Meinis.

Appearance: Conflict of Interest

Etanus Mizarcus

Former Lord of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect that originally joined Meda’s sect after losing his original one to a well-organized gang attack. Had a rather strong desire to modernize the sect and constantly butted heads with Meda over it. Eventually left to start his own sect, taking most of Meda’s sect with him. However, his efforts would prove to be cursed with bad luck, eventually losing all his membership.

Rumored to have survived the Reaper War, but only in the physical sense….

Code name meaning: Water bend
Appearance: Conflict of Interest

Krido Musven

A rogue tier 2 vakar that considered deaths caused through self-defense and even accidents to be a crime. While attempting to kill Nyla Traten, he was stopped and slain by Dakar Kagnis.

Code name meaning: Silent wind
Appearance: Lines of Grey


A tier 1 member of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect.

Appearance: Conflict of Interest

Meda Miroris

Elder of the vakar sect in the western side of Apparitus, Digeris. When she was a tier 1, she killed a Master tier vakar in a fit of rage after he killed her non-vakar lover, which she was essentially forgiven for, due to the circumstances surrounding the act. Sometime after becoming elder, she saved the life of a young boy named Dakarus, whom she developed a mother-like relationship with. She would eventually turn Dakarus into a vakar, though she always desired an even closer relationship with him than one of a mother and child.

During the Reaper War, she figured out that the Reapers were trying to control her. To prevent her powers from being used against the turians she had vowed to protect, she ordered Dakar to take her life. She died, wishing she could do more.

Code name meaning: Mirror sight
Appearances: Conflict of Interest & Lines of Grey

Nopha Meinis

Former Lord of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect. Was a close friend to Meda as they grew up as vakar. Had a desire for travel and sometimes would take risky trips to other planets. This desire ultimately lead to her death when pirates attacked the transport she was on: she was killed while defending the other passengers from boarders.

Code name meaning: Invisible Sight
Appearance: none, only mentioned in Conflict of Interest


A rogue vakar that was slain about hundred years prior to the events of ‘Lines of Grey’. Was the vakar responsible for Krido’s turn.

Appearance: none, only mentioned in Lines of Grey.


A tier 1 member of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect. Died in Dakar’s arms from a combination of starvation and blood loss during the Reaper War.

Appearance: Lines of Grey

Tusmu Shintus

Master of Elder Meda Miroris’ sect. Briefly left Meda’s sect to help Lord Etanus Mizarcus set up his own, but eventually returned when he lost faith in Etanus’ ability to lead. Ended up needing to be killed by Dakar, after going insane due to Reaper influence.

Code name meaning: Shock tide
Appearance: Conflict of Interest

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