Naosha K’Satikur
Species Trandoshan
Age In her 40s
Gender Female
Height Undefined
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Green
Birth place Trandosha
Parents Kilik (father)
Siblings Unknown
Spouse Rissonik K'Satikur
Children Varcanna (f) and Trazu (m)
Occupation Elder Councilor and Speaker-Above-All

Naosha was the only child of Elder Councilor Kilik and thus her education and training was geared toward her eventual position as Councilor when her father passed away. Knowing this, her father sought to have her bred before the burden of the Council fell upon her shoulders. He wanted only the best and at the time the head family of the K’Satikur Clan was the best around. Whether he knew the family currently had two males, Tnossok and Rissonik, in charge is uncertain when he gave the offer to the family.

Unknown to her father, Naosha had a long standing friendship with Rissonik K’Satikur and had decided for herself that she wanted Rissonik to be the sire of her children after Kilik told her he had chosen the K’Satikur as her mate. Thus when Tnossok came to her door she rejected him outright, sending the baffled brute of a male away. When Rissonik approached her residence, she all but dragged him into her bedroom. Usually, such pairings are only temporary, but that night their true feelings for each other emerged and Rissonik proposed to her, which she accepted. However shortly after he had left to do the required paperwork for their new union, Tnossok returned and forced himself upon her. When Rissonik heard of this, he went after his brother, despite Naosha’s pleas not to: he never returned.

Now apparently a widow as quickly as she got married, Naosha fell into a state of despair. The only thing that kept her from committing suicide was the fact she was pregnant. It didn’t help that Tnossok kept ‘blessing’ her with his presence, often bragging on how he was stronger then his Rissonik. Bitterly, she vowed that any obvious hatchling of Tnossok was to die: Tnossok countered with the threat that any child of Rissonik would be slain by him. She got a bit of a reprieve when she went into her nesting state, as Tnossok failed to be present at the time of her laying: if one wasn’t present at the laying they would be forever branded as a threat to the nest until the eggs hatched and no one, not even a K’Satikur wanted to draw the ire of a protective nesting mother.

When the eggs hatched she got a bit of a surprise. At first she thought no males were born at all to her clutch, but then she discovered that wasn’t the case. Hidden underneath one of her daughters, a rust colored female that was obviously of Tnossok’s seed, was a small, lilac eyed male. He was weak and the red infant was hell bent on protecting him from everything, including Naosha: she had never seen or heard of this kind of behavior in a hatchling. Naosha, despite her earlier vow to kill any seed of Tnossok, decided this had to mean something special, so she left the red female alone. However she knew Tnossok would never accept such an apparent weakling of a son, nephew actually, since the little one bore a strong resemblance to Rissonik. So she was forced to hide the little Trazu in a rival Clan before Tnossok came to inspect the result of the clutch, much to Varcanna’s, the red female’s, protest. Naosha had hidden Trazu just in time, as when she returned she found three of her daughters slain by Tnossok’s hand: only Varcanna was spared.

She spent most of her time afterward raising her remaining daughter, worrying about how Trazu was doing. Tnossok had inquired about his ‘son’ multiple times, but each time Naosha told him that she did not know which Clan her father had him taken too. When Varcanna was old enough she told her about her brother, who vowed to find him when she was able. Soon after Kilik passed away and Naosha inherited her father’s position. Tnossok stepped up his ‘harassment’ of her, demanding she use her position to enhance his Clan’s status: she happily voted to have the Clan’s seat on the Council revoked instead.

Years passed and Naosha continued having to suffer from Tnossok’s ‘visits’ to her manor, unable to have him permanently banned since he was Varcanna’s sire. Fortunately, Varcanna despised him as much as she did and enjoyed cracking jokes with her about Tnossok’s intelligence, lack of that is. One day, Varcanna returned home with a pleasant surprise: Trazu.

Naosha hadn’t felt so happy in a long time, but that happiness was quickly tempered when the subject of Rissonik came up. Between her, Trazu, Varcanna, Tzosha (Trazu’s lifemate), and Silliss, the guard that was on shift at the time, they started determining what just happened to Rissonik. A few days later, Trazu and Varcanna succeeded in finding Rissonik, whom had been imprisoned in an underground ruin. The happy reunion was short lived however, as Tnossok quickly learned of the rescue. A fight ensued and Trazu and Varcanna were nearly killed: only the use of the ancient family ‘curse’, the K’Satizitus was Trazu able to slay Tnossok before he slaughtered the entire family.

She felt happier then she ever thought possible now. Rissonik having returned and working on getting the Clan back to what it once was and she was soon to become a grandmother. But then Tzosha was killed during a surprise attack and Trazu, in a state of despair, soon fled Trandosha with little word from him since. Things didn’t get any better when the old blood feud between the Trandoshans and Wookiees started heating up again.

Naosha felt that it was time for the Trandoshan people to move on from certain old traditions and prejudges, but the Council wouldn’t hear nothing of it. When the representative of the Diversity Alliance attempted to stage peace talks between the two races, Naosha jumped at the opportunity to try to get her fellow Councilors to listen. However this got her expelled from the Council. Not to be deterred, she and Varcanna went to meet the DA representative in person, only to arrive just in time to watch in horror as the representative’s ships be blow away in the crossfire between the Wookiee and Trandoshan fleets.

Shortly there after, she and Rissonik officially started the Separatist Movement at the cost of half of the K’Satikur Clan. They hid out in same ruins Rissonik was imprisoned in not so long ago, along with the increasing number of fellow Trandoshan’s that believed in Naosha’s vision. With a bit of luck, they got in contact with a Wookiee ship and arranged a meeting with the intention of setting up an alliance. However, the radio contact alerted their enemies to their location and shortly after meeting the wookiee Captain, Tzhali, Naosha and Rissonik went their separate ways. Naosha went with Tzhali, along with her grandchildren and a small number of her supporters, while Rissonik was to stay behind and hidden within Hsshkor. The ship was pursued by their enemies and while they won the fight, the ship was so badly damaged they were forced to crash land on the moon of the gas planet Tissuss.

They were cut off from their allies back home and on a strange world with genetically engineered animals and mutinous crew, with pirates and Wookiees after not only them, but the abandoned Imperial Research facility on the moon. Fortunately aid came in the form of Trandoshan cybrog and the Sarendivis Fleet, whom was interested in Naosha’s dream. After many battles they were finally able to get off the moon.

Things did not go smoothly at the Sarendivis HQ either however. Between Trissan causing mischief, assassination attempts and yet more pirates, they eventually had to abandon the base. Briefly Naosha and her grandchildren were sent back to Tissuss, where the Sarendivis were building a space station, only to be recalled a short time later to negotiate with the Admiral of the Wookiee Fleet, who not only wanted to destroy the Trandoshans and take Tzhali as a prisoner, but was a Trandoshan himself! During the fight that ensured, Varcanna and Naosha, aboard the skipray Gory Teeth crash landed in the wilds of Trandosha and found the legendary cave of the K’Satizitus. Later, she finally got to reconfront the Council, who had finally gotten it through their heads that she was right all along. She managed to not only get herself reinstated to her position as Councilor, but the Council voted to have her be the new Speaker Above All.

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