Supporting and other minor characters of my Mass Effect ficverse. Not all of these characters have 'shown up' yet in fic: some are still not quite 'set' yet in my head either….

Aertus Fathen

A Lieutenant in charge of squad training and security at the Academy on Palaven.

Alecia Kryrian

Gold Detail Leader of the 2nd Musust Flight.

Arca Jothen

Twin sister to Thanos. A ship engineer with a high libido and overprotective of her twin brother.

Arsenus Ataken

Mylos' first love interest. An engineer that worked on secret projects on Menae. Died commenting an act of treason.

Besa Tabaken

Cyrus' youngest sister. Of his sister's, she is the most sympathetic towards him.

Besyr Negan

Former second-in-command of the Tyranors. Was originally supposed to be leader, but lost to Jorox in a challenge match for leadership. Is now the leader of a new gang called the Discord Dominion. spoiler alert - don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!

Elpida Statis

spoiler alert - don't click if you don't want to be spoiled!

Erna Tabaken

Cyrus' oldest sister. She blames Cyrus for 'tearing the family apart'.


A military cop on Menae.


A biotic student at the Palaven Academy that is rather full of himself and arrogant, at least initially until Mylos set him straight. Once had a crush on Lusca.


Real name: Brulus Zissen. Current leader of the Tyranor gang. Has a 'kill on sight' policy regarding biotics. Has multiple identities.

Kreas Tabaken

Cyrus' father. A very controlling man that wants things done his way. Ran a very successful mechanics shop on Oman Karr, until the Reaper invasion, when he and the rest of the family were forced to flee to Degris. Dispises Cyrus' career choice.


Former Headmaster for the Academy on Palaven, died while attempting to poison Mylos.

Lusca Musan

Daughter of Sethia. Works as a receptionist at the Palaven Academy. A very weak biotic. Died at Jorox's hands during an attack on the Academy.

Nyla Hiroten

Panus' wife and Mylos' adopted mother. Worked as a nurse and is known for going into epic rants when something or someone upsets her. Died due to injuries from a hit and run, which was organized by Jorox.

Ocri Dopian

Leader of a small gang on Palaven. Has an obsession with having Lusca as his wife. Uses drugs to enhance his minimal biotic abilities. Killed by Jorox to keep him from talking.

Oneus Tismar

A biotic instructor at the Palaven Academy. Open minded and very willing to try new things with biotics.

Panus Hiroten

Mylos' adopted father, husband of Nyla. Fought as a general in the Reaper War and is now retired due to injuries he sustained during said war. He found Mylos injured and homeless not long after the end of the war.

Pesilla Tabaken

Wife of Kreas and mother to Cyrus and his sisters. She contantly butted heads with Kreas over his treatment of Cyrus and is Cyrus' biggest supporter.

Seia Tabaken

Cyrus' second oldest sister. She is apathetic toward the whole family drama over Cyrus.

Sethia Musan

Mother of Lusca. A Major in the Cabal, currently assigned to Menae.


A military cop on Menae that loves playing 'bad cop'.

Thanos Jothen

Twin brother of Arca. Has a nasty possessive attitude and a bad temper.


A fellow pilot Mylos trained with. Now works as a shuttle pilot at the Palaven Academy.

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