My list of (relatively) minor Trandoshan characters. Just a FYI: some information/characters have not been officially revealed anywhere, but is ‘canon’ to my ‘verse, none the less.


Asri’s father and former member of the K’Satikur clan. He left the clan after Rissonik reclaimed with the help of his son Trazu. Cunning and ruthless, Besk is not afraid to do morally questionable things if it furthers his own goals. He was eventually slain by his daughter Asri.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage, Separatist Movement series


Asri’s older brother. He resisted traditional Trandoshan professions and desired to be a musician instead. This did not sit well with Besk, his father, and the two eventually came to blows: Dresik was killed in the confrontation.

Appearances: RP thread

Kassi K’Satikur

Daughter of Trazu and Asri. She’s an extremely rare black Trandoshan. Of the siblings, she’s the only one Trissan tolerances.

Appearance: she has never appeared ‘officially’ aside from one piece of fanart.


Asri’s sister. She hated housework and always made Asri do it for her while she went out and had fun. When she found out she was sterile, she bribed a doctor to switch the results to make Asri seem sterile instead. The ruse did not last as long as she hoped and she was forced to flee for her life when Besk found out. Sometime later, she was found by a vengeful Asri and slain.

Appearances: none that I can remember

Kyrtha K’Satikur

One of Trazu’s three daughters with Tzosha.

Appearances: various RP threads.

Praska K’Satikur

One of Trazu’s three daughters with Tzosha.

Appearances: various RP threads.


Son of Tiosk and a K’Satikur warrior. He’s infected with a very rare, if not genetically modified, virus that acts much like the AIDS virus. The fact that he will likely die at any time has not dampened his spirits, however, having taken the stance that death can happen suddenly to anyone. He does worry about his father, whom often gets depressed when something reminds him of Silliss’ mother. Currently in a relationship with Varcanna K’Satikur.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage, Separatist Movement series and a couple of other RP threads

Silonik K’Satikur

Trazu’s second ‘oldest’ son with Tzosha. Force-sensitive and currently in training to become a jedi.

Appearances: various RP threads.


A member of the K’Satikur clan that was experimented on and turned into a monstrous cyborg by the Empire. He still retains a fierce loyalty to the K’Satikur Clan however and was very eager to rejoin them once he was found and ‘rescued’. Due to the cybernetics, he has a very bad speech impediement where he cannot pronounce ‘th’, ‘wh’ or ‘b’.

Appearances: various RP threads

Tnossok K’Satikur

Rissonik K’Satikur’s half brother. He was a brute of a Trandoshan that preferred to use brute force rather than diplomacy to get his way. With Besk’s help, he managed to make his brother ‘disappear’ for many years, giving him sole control over the clan. That is until Trazu, Rissonik’s son, freed Rissonik: the resulting confrontation resulted in Tnossok’s death.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage

Trissan K’Satikur

Trazu’s ‘oldest’ son with Tzosha. Rebellious and likes to get into trouble. Despises Silonik, whom he wants dead on an instinctual level and constantly attacks him.

Appearances: various RP threads


Trazu’s first wife and mother of most of his children. She was killed from an assassin’s poisoned blade while guarding her clutch.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Inner Feelings and A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage

Varcanna K’Satikur

Daughter of Naosha and Tnossok and half sister to Trazu, often goes by the nickname ‘Varca’. She has unusual bond with Trazu, as she can sense his emotions and general state of being, sometimes from a considerable distance. Both a pilot and mechanic, she has a strong independent streak that is not afraid to go against what is seen as ‘normal’ female Trandoshan behavior. This is fueled by the fact she is barren and will never be able to have children of her own and thus does not feel the need to act like a ‘proper’ female. She also recently realized she was bisexual, which initially caused strife between her and Asri, due to denial and fear. She is currently in a relationship with Silliss.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage, most RP threads


Tzosha’s sister. Initially very foolish and only wanted to live the high life without having to work for it. Quickly started working with criminal elements to continue said high life. Eventually started up her own smuggling and information trading ring, employed only by young ‘handsome’ men whom she pays with both sex and credits. Not afraid to get her own claws dirty to get what she wants.

Appearances: A Trandoshan’s Tale: Inner Feelings

Zosha K’Satikur

Trazu’s ‘youngest’ daughter with Tzosha. Looks a lot like her mother, which caused Trazu to go into self exile due to grief.

Appearances: various RP threads.

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