This page holds stories from other genre that I did not write enough proper stories for to warrant their own pages.


Alien: Intelligence Theory A young xenomorph, No-Tongue, is captured by humans for scientific research. He learns things no xeno has bothered to learn before, but soon is forced to choose between friendship and his own kind.

Alien: Guardian After narrowly escaping from the human ship, No-Tongue finds himself stranded on an unknown planet. He meets new friends, and a new enemy, all the while struggling to find his purpose.

Mass Effect

Chaos Effect Shepard has to make the most difficult choice of her life: Control, Synthesis or Destroy? However, someone with their own motives, interferes.

Buried Secrets In the aftermath of the Reaper War, the turians are starting to rebuild and regain what they lost. Forces in the shadows, however, have their own plans for the future of turian society and Mylos Hiroten keeps getting stuck in the middle of the conflict. Contains some homosexual relations.

Star Wars

A Trandoshan's Tale: Inner Feelings A Trazu, a young trandoshan out on his own, discovers the hard way that percepations of his people by others is not always in line with what's under the mask of stereotypes. Implied rape.

A Trandosan's Tale: Heritage Trazu meets up with a stranger he swears he knows from somewhere and the secrets this stranger holds will answer many questions about his past and take his life in a direction he never suspected.

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