Recycled characters are characters whom I clone at least a part from as a base to use in another genre, usually a game. What I use is usually some aspect of their personality, or their background. Sometimes it's just their name and occassionally it's almost a full 'copy'. Depending on how involved I get into the genre, the clone can end up becoming a full character in his or her right.

This page will start with what I most often use as a base for each character, followed by a list and brief history of each clone (that I can remember). If they have profiles on here, I will link to said profiles.


Asri is one character I have cloned a lot and all have heavy elements from the same basic backstory: father's (usually Besk or some clone of him) a merc that sold her off to scientists, scientists experiement on her and make her a freak/outcast. Most Asri's are white with blue eyes.

The Base/Original

The truely original Asri came to being in the MMO Star Wars Galaxies on the server..Starsider I believe, which is the only place where I roleplayed in a game seriously. This Asri had two husbands in game: one divorced her because his player couldn't handle RPing a husband and the second ended up disappearing from the game entirely as far as I know (I would never know for sure as I quit the game due to NGE not long after that). Her main profession was a dancer, but she was also a Teri Kasi.

City of Heroes

This one is close full clone of the base. Main difference is that she can fly (though originally I gave her super speed, which I couldn't stand) and has wings (though she could fly without them initially). Asri here also had dark blue markings (usually tiger stripes), since I couldn't change her eye color. She was also a true blue hero for the longest time, until the ability to switch sides became available, at which she is 'officially' a vigilantee. To be honest, I never really roleplayed her, so doesn't really have an 'official' story, though I liked thinking up stories for her at times, which never got 'put down' anywhere.

There's technically a second clone for this genre. Irsa is a literal clone of the other Asri in this genre. I never really developed her though, beyond that Besk intended to use her as a 'replacement' for his 'failed' daughter and that she was naivee and confused. Unlike the 'real' Asri in the genre, she was black with white markings.

Everquest 2

Of the clones, this Asri had the most deviation from the base. Pretty much the only thing she truly shares with the base is the name, eye color and that she is a lizard-like species (Iskar). I actually had two slightly different versions of her (on two different servers), with the only physical difference between them being the first one had white 'stripes', while the second was completley dark in color. I did start writing roleplay/fiction on her, but ran out of steam long time ago. Basically, her story was that she lived on an island with a small clan of other Iskar. She was 'kidnapped' by slavers, whom mindwiped her and took her to Freeport (the evil starting city). There she trained to become a bruiser (evil monk, essentually), though later became cursed with lycanthropy. This curse she was able to 'fix' somewhat by only having the 'forced, uncontrollable' change happen during solar eclipses. When I stopped her story (but by no means finished), she had regained her memories and was trying to find her home. There is more to her story, but this is the basics.


Yes, Sari 'Sasav is an Asri clone (her first name is an anagram of 'Asri', in fact). Main differences: Sari was born lieusistic (which is different from albinoism, but mistaken for it at times), thus was never experiemented on. She was still an outcast for a time, before being rescued by the Arbiter, but was never a dancer (she did learn some fighting skills from Arby). Unlike her base, Kesi (a slight Besk clone) was never her biological father. I have yet to write her profile page, but her full story can be read in the fic Chains of the Past

Other Star Wars

This Asri is pretty much a full clone, base background wise. Major difference is that I played up the 'vampire' and outcast part. Unlike the SWG base, she became a full on assassin using the Teri Kasi style first, though later in her story she did start to pick up dancing lessons. Full Profile


I have a human hunter in the game Lord of the Rings Online named ‘Asrian’. The name is the only thing she has in common with the base.

In Guild Wars 2 I am currently working on a female charr named ‘Asrilian’ that is more of a clone of the ‘Other Star Wars’ Asri than the base. This one though was not only born white with blue eyes, but was never experimented on. She’s a thief in the Ash Legion (legion that does assassination and intelligence gathering).


Besi has relatively few clones. I usually cloned him when I needed a merc character that had low morals, along with being cunning and ruthless.

The Base/Original

Besk’s base is in Star Wars, where he made his first ‘official’ appearance in the fic A Trandoshan’s Tale: Heritage. He was only a background character then, but his role grew on the RP front, until he was killed. He was Trandoshan with orange scales and red eyes.

City of Heroes

Besk in this genre was pretty much a full clone, save that he was a Blade Stalker (I forget what his secondary was) with super jump. He was also almost exactly the same as the Star Wars Besk, appearance wise. I honestly never did much with him though.


Kesi ‘Musav is a minor clone of Besk. The treatment of his ‘daughter’ Sari, and his cunning and ruthless nature are largely the only things he has in common with the base.


This is a character I often used usually in name only, though I do try to keep a ‘chaotic’ theme when choosing to use him as base. Because of ‘what’ he is, I tend to use him ‘as is’ in stories rather than ‘cloning’ him.

The Base/Original

Demonakos is an original character that belongs to a race of astral beings called the Karred. Self proclaimed ‘Lord of Chaos’, he has no real ‘set’ form and can be anything he wishes to be at any time, though he does have ‘preferences’ that change over time. His preferred form is almost always black, with any horns and claws being silver or white. If he has eyes, they are red. Tends to act unpredictably: aiding some one minute, only to turn on them the next. A common phrase I use when describing him is “you never know if he is going to gut you or give you a pan of freshly baked cookies”

City of Heroes

He had a couple of iterations in this game, though neither had gotten off the ground. One was a darkness corrupter and the other was a demon master mind. The Corrupter was closer to who he ‘usually’ looked, while the Mastermind had more ‘random’ elements in design.

Guild Wars 2

Here he is a Charr Warrior in the Blood Legion (front line types). Like the base, he is black with red eyes, but other than that, doesn’t sure much in common with the base.

The Secret World

Pale skinned, red eyed, black haired Chaos/Fist member of the Dragon (which are supposed to be the a 'chaotic' orginaization, but I am starting to wonder if the Illuminati would have been a better match…).


Aman Slayer that I made as dark as possible, but other than that and the name, nothing in common.

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