This page will have links to roleplay threads that are significant to personal canon for certain characters. For now, all the links listed are Star Wars related, which will be grouped into 'series', if I can. Some stories happen at the same time as other's in a different series, so I'll try to mark those as approprate.

Warning Keep in mind that these are roleplay threads and so there are writers other than me contributing to the story. If the poster is not 'Sl'askia' or 'Trazu' (I had up to three different accounts on there), it's not me. Also, I had periods of time where I literally could not access the board from my location (due to the site being blocked), so I had to email my brother my posts for him to post for me.

Lastly, just an FYI: some plotlines (such as the fate of the Force and the Jedi Order) I do not know of they were resolved by other parties or not (though I had intended to assist in that through other characters, like Demonakos), as I was simply burnt out on the whole genre by then.

Star Wars

Separatist Series

Separatist Movement: Beginnings After a disasterous attempt by a third party to forge peace between the Trandoshan's and the Wookiee's, Naosha K'Satikur, an Elder Councilor, starts a movement in hopes of changing Trandoshan society. Her efforts are met with immediate resistance and hostility, along with threats to not only her life, but the lives of her family.

Separatist Movement: Isolation Naosha and her supporters, including a mysterious third party headed by a young girl, are stranded on a habitable moon. Between traitors, genetically engineered predators, pirates and a rogue cyborg, it's not looking good for any of them. Meanwhile, her lifemate, Rissonik K'Satikur, is having his own issues keeping his side of the movement going in the streets of Hsskhor. Among his problems is a former clan member that is out of his blood….

Separatist Movement: Alliance Tensions are now at a boiling point back home. Speaker Above All Hyossk is growing more desperate to hold on to his power, while Besk is being stalked by someone from his own past. Meanwhile, Naosha and her allies have to deal with more betrayal from within and a large wookiee fleet whose Admiral is hell bend to keep the blood feud between the two species going….

The Fall and Redemption of Trazu K'Satikur

Seeds of Dark and Light +Takes place prior to the Separatist Series+ Trazu, in self-exile once more while mourning the loss of his beloved wife, TZosha, is found by a practitioner of the Dark Side. Been this mysterious man and the K’Satizitus, he quickly starts to slip to the Dark Side.

Walking in the Shadows +Takes place during Separatist Movement: Alliance+ Now a full Dark Jedi, Trazu has struck out on his own, with the K’Satizitus still whispering in his mind. While exploring an old ruin, he uncovers a secret that results in dire consequences.

Unwelcome Vistor +Takes place during Separatist Movement: Alliance+ The K’Satizitus, now under full control of Trazu’s body, arrives on Naboo, the home of the current Jedi Order. It intends to find and start to corrupt Silonik, Trazu’s Force Sensitive son, to groom him into the next vessel.

Beginning and End of all things In a race against time, Rissonik and allies rush to find an artifact that is the key to ending the curse of K’Satizitus. However the K’Satizitus is hell bent on preventing that very thing from happening….

Penitence Trazu, now free of the K’Satizitus, returns to Naboo and the Jedi Order for one purpose: to seek judgment for the crimes he committed.

The following two happen within the same time period of each other and only the first is a part of Trazu’s Redemption series.

One step at a time Trazu returns to the ruins where he lost his body to the K’Satizitus, only this time with a few Jedi in tow. What they learn there changes a major part of what they knew about the Force.

Doors of Opportunity Asri is stuck on Naboo, with two Trandoshan padawan’s wanting to go to a carnival. Surely nothing can go wrong…right?

Cleaning House

Note, this ‘series’ is more of my brother, Kalshion’s, series, but I am putting it here because my own characters are heavily involved.

Lavality’s Tale Someone keeps sending assassins after Lavality and frankly, she’s quite sick of it. After a rather unique Bounty Hunter gives her and her allies clues on the source of the bounty, she, Trazu and Asri go to Nar Shadda in attempt to be rid of this ‘Miknak’.

Uniting the Divided +This one is not part of the series, but for chronological reasons I put in here.+ Another organization wishes to invite the Trandoshans and the Wookiees into a larger group. Will negotiations go smoothly this time? With Naosha’s track record…not likely….

Lavality’s Assault After a brief rest back on Trandosha, Lavality, Asri and Trazu once again go on the hunt for Miknak, whom managed to escape them last time. This time, they are headed for Korribon. Will they get him this time, or will a unexpected connection between Asri and Lavality ruin everything?

Crossfire Line Miknak is dead, well, one of them: turned out he had friends that went by the same code name. Now the hunt is on for the rest of the conspirators, one of whom happened to be part of the Trandoshan government….

Revolt on Serra Toga Asri is ‘hired’ by Lavaility to take out the last of conspirators in her organization. While she has had dangerous assassination jobs before, this one may just be the one that ends her life. In addition, an old mentor of Trazu’s suddenly appears, with dire news about the Jedi Order….

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