All vakar sects live in places they refer to as Sanctuaries. These places are usually located away from heavily traveled areas and preferably easily defended in the case of attack. Vakar have been known to take up residence in places like caves, old mines, abandoned warehouses and even sewers. The Elder of the sect decides on the Sanctuary location, and he or she must ensure it will not only suit their needs, but keep them safe. A sect will not abandon an established Sanctuary unless they are left with no other choice.

Every Sanctuary location undergoes some ‘modification’ once a sect moves in. This typically means the setup of proper rooms for storage and sleeping, but more ‘advanced’ modifications may be added, depending on the size and traditions of the sect.

How advanced a Sanctuary can be depend on the resources the vakar are able to get their hands on without drawing too much attention to their home. All sects usually have a clean water source nearby, if not in the Sanctuary itself. While water isn’t used for drinking by the vakar themselves, it is needed for general cleanliness and the turning process. If available, vakar will have electric lighting, especially if they can generate it ‘off’ the main grid, otherwise, they will use simple lamps and candles.

Safe Houses

Larger sects may make use of safe houses, which serve as mini-sanctuaries. These safe houses are usually places like abandoned houses, or other smaller spaces that are dotted throughout the sect’s territory. Like Sanctuaries, they usually have the basics, sometimes they even have emergency rations of animal blood stored inside.

Safe Houses are usually used by sect members whom, for whatever reason, cannot make it back to the Sanctuary before sunrise. They are also used as meeting places between two sects, if a neutral area is not available. Unlike Sanctuaries, safe houses are easily and quickly abandoned if the vakar feel it is compromised.

Technology Use

Vakar tend to be rather guarded when it comes to technology. Basic enmities such as electricity they will use, so long as the use of it will not draw unwanted attention to themselves, or their Sanctuaries. More advanced technology use greatly depends on what it is and the sect itself. Some sects allow for a greater range of technology, while others only allow the very basics.

This is largely due to the desire to protect themselves from those that do not understand them. Vakar sects that do not treat certain kinds of technology with care, often end up being raided by local police, sometimes even hastatim. This is especially true of any kind of communication devices.

One type of tech that most vakar avoid having in their sects at all are ones that allow for a constant supply of information, such as extranet access. This is due to their OCD on information gathering and weaker willed vakar will often find themselves completely absorbed in such devices for hours if they are not watched (ever go to TVtropes or YouTube and then find out it’s been hours since you started? Yeah….). Even ‘self-contained’ sources of knowledge like books and magazines are treated with care. Another reason, particularly with devices that require a connection to the ‘normal’ world like cellphones and extranet, is security: such devices could easily be used to track down the individual vakar, or even their Sanctuary.


When it comes to using weapons, vakar prefer to use what nature gave them over all, which includes their individual powers. If they use a man-made weapon, they usually prefer blunt objects, such as knuckle dusters or batons. They do not like using weapons that ‘waste blood’, such as knives, or are too noisy, like un-silenced guns. Such items are only used if the vakar as the ability to negate the undesired effect, or as a last resort to defend themselves.

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