Below is a list and explanation abilities and skills vakar have in general. These fall under two categories: innate and non-innate.


These are abilities all vakar have access to from the moment of turning, though some abilities they need to learn how to actually control.

Effect Fields

Effect Fields are essentially the max range a vakar can use their powers. Offensive, observation and teleportation based powers are the main powers limited by this field. Unlike Influence Fields, the range is not increased through practice, but by age, though the max range is dependent on the type of power being used. For instance, a teleportation power will naturally have a greater max range than most offensive powers. Like the powers it affects, effect fields are suppressed by sunlight.


From the moment they grow their first fangs, vakar are essentially immortal. They cease aging and can no longer become sick due to disease or various pathogens. However, they can still be affected by things such as drugs and alcohol, though the effects are much shorter lived. While they can never die due to age and illness, they can still be killed. For instance, any blow that would be instantly fatal to a turian would have the same effect on a vakar. They can also be susceptible to death via blood loss if their regeneration abilities cannot stop the bleeding in time: this is particularly true for vakar that are weak from starvation. Lastly, certain chemicals and medicines can have an extremely negative affect on a vakar, often resulting in death. Even giving them blood through an IV can send them into life threatening seizures. As a result, vakar avoid allowing themselves being sent to the hospital if at all possible. (the italicized I will be moving under ‘weaknesses’ once I have that page up)

Influence Fields

An influence field is a short ‘aura’ the surrounds the vakar’s body. It is used to enable the vakar to allow items such as the clothing they are wearing to be affected (or not) by their powers. This is especially important for vakar whom have teleportation or invisibility based powers: many young vakar have teleported themselves and ended up at their destination without their clothing, for instance.

This field has a limited range (generally only a few inches around them, on average), though vakar can expand it with practice. They can also extend it by sheer will if needed, but this only occurs in urgent situations due to the amount of energy it requires. Those with extended fields can bring other individuals into their effect if wanted, though this is naturally more taxing on the vakar.

Like individual powers and other abilities, these fields are suppressed during daylight.

Minushin (blood reading)

Minushin is the ability to read the memories and thoughts of a person through their blood. To do this, a vakar must drink the blood of the intended target with their fangs, drawing the blood past the special receptors that lay in a tube just below their sinuses in their upper jaw. While they can do this from anywhere on the body that is bitable, the closer to the head the ‘stronger’ the connection. It also helps if the target is conscious, though it’s not necessary: it is a requirement that the target is ‘’alive’’, however.

The downside to minushin is that it cannot be ‘turned off’. Unless they avoid using their fangs while feeding (which usually only happens when they are (re)growing their fangs), or consume animal or donated blood, they will always be gaining knowledge from feeding. As a result, their brains have been enhanced to enable greater memory retention.

Presence Aura

The presence aura an invisible field a vakar can emit that is only perceptible by other vakar. This aura tells other vakar that are within range the owners overall strength and current mood. The range this aura can reach is dependent on the vakar’s age and overall health: the oldest vakar can extend the field three-hundred feet radius around themselves, while a freshly turned vakar can only manage a one or two foot radius.

All vakar learn how to control this field, namely how to suppress it. Suppressing the aura is important when it comes to keeping the location of their Sanctuaries secret from rival vakar. On the same token, this suppression makes it harder for vakar to detect intrusions into their territory. Also, the field does not work both ways: a vakar cannot detect who is in range of his or her aura unless that vakar’s own aura reaches them.

The auras of vakar living in the same Sanctuary tend to be not as ‘perceptible’ as one that is from a different sect, especially if the vakar are related. This makes intruders into their territory that much more obvious if they don’t suppress their own aura. The aura of vakar that joins an unrelated sect will gradually ‘adapt’ to be similar to the overall ‘feel’ of their new sect.

Like the influence field, presence auras are suppressed by daylight.


Vakar, provided they are well fed, have a very high healing rate. They can heal wounds that would take weeks for a normal person to recover from in a few days, if not hours, depending on the injury. Even lost limbs can be regenerated, though those take noticeably longer depending on what was lost and how much (e.g. a finger will take a day or two, while a whole arm can take at least a week). Their fangs, however, will always take around a week to regrow.

One exception to their regenerations abilities is that they do not regain what they had lost prior to becoming a vakar. For instance, if a turian had lost a toe, then lost his foot after becoming a vakar, it will regenerate sans that lost toe. The same is true for degenerative conditions like cancer: for that reason, vakar tend to avoid turning turians that are in advanced stages of such conditions.


Non-innate skills vakar are usually taught at some point.

Glyph Scribing

All vakar have the ability to scribe territorial glyphs on structures and even people, however it is very similar to their individual powers in that it needs to be taught. As a result, usually only senior members of a sect can scribe a glyph, the use of it becoming one of many additional responsibilities they hold.

These glyphs have a repelling affect on vakar that are not members of the sect that owns it: if it is on a structure, they get a strong bad 'vibe' to stay away from the area. If it's on a person, it prevents them from being bitten by vakar that are not part of the sect they are allied with.

The glyphs are only perceptible by other vakar and how they are made is a mystery. In addition, glyph scribing has fallen out of use, mainly due mass loss of senior vakar during the number of 'purges' that happened over the centuries. As a result, few vakar know how to make the glyphs prior to the Reaper War. Post-Reaper war, it is suspected the knowledge has been lost completely.


Hibernation is a skill taught to vakar as an ability of last resort. When in a situation a vakar cannot escape from or are too wounded to do so, a vakar may willfully shut down their non-essential body functions and drastically slow down their essential ones. This puts them into a comatose like state, but still aware of their immediate surroundings (they are basically ‘playing dead’).

While in this state, they can do internal assessments of their body, if wounded, and even focus on said wounds to increase the healing rate if they have the energy to do so. Once allies arrive, or the cost is otherwise clear, the vakar will reverse the process and ‘wake up’.

Experienced vakar can successfully do this ‘half way’, leaving themselves to appear as only semi-unconscious. This is especially important if medical personal reach them first, as it would allow them enough control of their bodies to try to delay application of ‘live saving medicine’ that may actually kill them instead.


Meditation is an essential skill all vakar are taught as soon as possible. It is used to clear their minds of the thoughts and memories of those they drank from. If they didn’t, those alien thoughts and memories would eventually overwhelm their minds, causing them to forget who they really are.

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