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This page serves as the main 'hub' for many of the things I have created, fiction wise. Most of the stuff here will be fanfic related only, as much of the original related things I am keeping offline due to desires to publish my own stuff someday (so much work left to do, ugh….). Stories themselves will not be posted here, but instead links to where they are already posted will be provided (I may eventually post shorter stories on the wiki itself at some point).

Full profile pages of major characters in full stories will be listed, eventually, here as well (only original characters: canon characters I will not be listing here). Minor characters (and main characters in shorts) will have one page per genre. I will also list important places, other non-living things I've created and a dictionary for 'alien' terms I came up with to use in my stories.

That said, not all of my fanfiction will be listed here. I speak of my very first forays into fanfic writing (TMNT and Oddworld, to be exact): they have either been lost to time, incomplete or is just plain crap compared to what I can do now. What files I have on them I only keep for, well, nostalgia I guess (that and being a digitial pack rat). That said, I do have a couple of warnings:

1. This should go without saying, but I will anyway (cause you know, common sense is actually rather rare these days): the full profile pages will contain spoilers for the stories the characters are in. Read at your own risk.

2. Some of my stories have themes that either is not be approprate for underage individuals or is considered controversial in nature by some circles (e.g. homosexuality). I will rate as needed.

With that out of the way, here we go….


I briefly had a spark of fanfic writing for the Alien movie series, based on a weird dream I had. Originally I planned out three stories, but unfortunately only two ever got written.

Disclaimer: Xenomorphs are the property of 20th Century Fox.



Halo held my interest fanfic wise for some time and only recently has another genre finally snatched my writing muse away from it. Stories in this genre range form short sillies that cannot even begin to be considered canon possible, to full length novels and series with the intent of being canon possible. Halo easily has the most stories of any size (for now). FYI: most of these stories take place post-Halo 3.

Disclaimer: Halo, along with all canon characters/species belong to 343 Industries.


Full Length
Warrior’s Agenda Chains of the Past
Zendou series
Pt 1: Isolation Pt 4: Revelations
Pt 2: Acceptance Pt 5: Duel Hearts
Pt 3: Trials Pt 6: Untold Truths
Shorts & One-shots
Misfortunate Events The Deal
Chaos Theory The Fate of Veer
His Greatest Weakness Shattered Dreams
Breaking Tradition Monster



Mass Effect

Latest genre to fully capture my interest. I only have 'plans' for one full story at this time, but it looks like it's going to be big enough to warrant a spot on this page.

Disclaimer: Mass Effect is the property of BioWare.


- Chaos Effect (one shot)

- Buried Secrets


Headcanon Stuff

Star Wars

Star Wars held my writing pen for many years before I finally lost steam. The majority of my works in this genre, however, are on an RP site. I will link the major story line threads on here, along with the two proper fanfics I have done (I will try to list them in chronological order, but it has been a while). Since the bulk of the stories are off an RP board, a lot of the stories won't mesh with even EU, not that I am familiar with EU stuff anyway. Anyway, FYI: all the stories are post-Return of the Jedi movie wise and after Vong invasion EU wise.

Disclaimer: Star Wars and canon species belong to Lucas Arts


- A Trandoshan's Tale: Inner Feelings

- A Trandoshan's Tale: Heritage

- RP Threads - these will be placed on their own page, as there are so many of them.


Other stuff

This area is for things that is not tied to one specific genre.

- Dictionary - contains terms and such I made up for the various stories I've written.

- 'Recycled' Characters - Character's I've used in many places/genre's, in some shape or form.

Projects for other sites

Just so I have an online place to keep track of this sort of stuff.

- Flight Rising

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