This page is basically a ‘to do list’, where I list things (perhaps even with some work done on the subject) I need to write about, but either keep forgetting and/or having figured out how to write it yet, or I am still figuring out where it ‘fits’ in the knowledge base.

Compatibility - a special kind of bond between two unrelated vakar. Not necessarily an intimate bond, but in rare cases can lead to it. Under relationships would be best.

Donor Servants - I really don't know where to put this…, probably go with 'feeding etiquette'

Saliva propertiesmost likely will go under the still uncreated ‘biology’ page, but it ‘could’ reasonably fit under ‘shared abilities’ as well.

Syncing - Vakar not turned in the sect they are currently in need to do this so they can feed on the same targets if needed. Goes under 'feeding eitquette' I guess.

Weaknesses - not quote the proper term I want, but will cover things like how sunlight suppresses their powers, their tendency to be OCD about finding out information, etc. Could fit under biology, but not sure

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