Trazu K’Satikur
Species Trandoshan
Age 20 ~
Gender Male
Height 4’10”
Eye Color Lilac
Skin Color Green
Birth place Trandosha
Parents Rissonik K’Satikur (father) and Naosha K’Satikur (mother)
Siblings Varcanna (sister)
Spouse Asri
Children Kassi (f), Silonik (m), Trissan (m), Praska (f), Kyrtha (f) and Zosha (f)
Occupation Jedi and second in command of the K’Satikur Clan

Trazu was the last out of five hatchlings to hatch and should have been eaten by his stronger sisters. However not only did the eldest hatchling, Varcanna, help him out of his egg, but protected him from his other siblings: a feat unheard of in Trandoshan society. Naosha, his mother, hid him in a rival Clan a few days later to protect him from Tnossok, his father's brother. There he grew and learned, oblivious to his heritage and no one, on Naosha's orders, would tell him where he came from.

When he was 11 standard years old he run away from Trandosha due to being sick of getting teased about his short stature and his 'good natured' opinion on Wookiees and wound up on Talus, where he was tutored by a human named Rane Kraski. He stayed in the humans company, refining his skills as a swordsman and learning the ways of the Ranger, for five standard years before they went their separate ways, when Trazu had matured. He remained alone for two years, wandering the wilds and living off the land, knocking off any thug that so much as looked at him the wrong way.

When he was 17 he encountered the first female Trandoshan he had seen since he left Trandosha. However she took advantage of this then badly wounded state and subjected him to horrors he had never known before. This encounter left him very mentally shaken and it was a couple of months before he started feeling comfortable around anyone again. It wasn't until he met Tzosha, a female Trandoshan just trying to make a living, that he started healing fully. However the feelings he had when around her confused him and it wasn't until another near death encounter that he finally accepted that it was ok for his kind to love. He happily accepted Tzosha's proposal of marriage.

He and Tzosha lived happily on Talus until Trazu had a visit from a strange female that he could have sworn he knew but couldn't place from where. It wasn't until a memory of his earliest times surfaced in a dream some time later that he realized who it was: Varcanna, his long lost and until now forgotten half-sister. Varcanna told him his family history, including about a spirit that had been possessing one male each generation in their family for countless generations: the K'Satizitus, and also about the unknown fate of his father, Rissonik. It took some convincing (and some blackmailing by Tzosha) to get him to agree to return to Trandosha to discover his father's fate. When they arrived they brainstormed with his mother, Naosha, and one of the warriors from the Clan on the possible fate of Rissonik. After some detective work and a search, they found Rissonik trapped in a large abandoned ruin, where Tnossok had been forcing him to kill Clan dissenters and other undesirables for him. They had managed to free Rissonik without being detected, but Rissonik's rescue did not go without notice for long. Tnossok confronted them in Naosha's estate that very night and a fight ensued. It was only with the help of the K'Satizitus that Trazu was able to prevent Tnossok from slaying the ones he loved.

After the wounds had healed and Rissonik claimed his rightful place as Sha'tor of the K'Satikur Clan, Trazu finally felt it was time to start a family of his own. However during the incubation phase of their eggs, the Clan was attacked and Tzosha lost her life defending their unhatched children. Trazu was devestated by her death and slipped into a state of depression. Varcanna, who took over as brood mother for the eggs, managed to bring him out of his despressed state for a time, until the eggs hatched. The last egg to hatch revealed a hatchling that bore an uncanny likeness to her deceased mother and Trazu lost it. Before his family could stop him, he had fled Trandosha out of despair and grief, not wanting to be near the ones that reminded him of what he had lost. Once again he found himself on Talus, a shadow of his former self, wallowing in his own self pity and grief.

Nearly two years after he left Trandosha, he encountered a strange man who spoke things that at first sounded like crazy talk. But when the K'Satizitus itself started talking to him, basically agreeing with what the man was saying, Trazu found his will diminishing. He was quickly convinced to turn to the Dark Side.Some uncounted time later, Trazu roamed to a sparse planet. He was an apprentice without a Master, save for the K'Satizitus, having abandoned his Master for some yet unknown reason. While exploring underground ruins that he was drawn to via the Force, he discovered a chamber that held a strange large sphere. Upon touching it, Trazu found his mind thrown back to the past, reliving the day his beloved Tzosha lost her life. He learned one thing that devestated him even more then her death itself: it could have been prevented. In a flash of anger and grief, he lashed out at the one that kept him from knowing his mate was in danger: the K'Satizitus. However the spirit was counting on this and used his blind rage to entrap him within his own mind and take full control of his body for itself. From this position, Trazu managed to discover the chink in the K'Satizitus' armor, but he had no way to tell anyone.

The spirit made it's way to Yavin IV where one of Trazu's sons, Silonik, was enrolled in the Jedi Academy, intending to tint the youth's mind with the dark side so when the time came it would more easily control him. However Trazu, using every ounce of will power he had, managed to distract the spirit long enough for his son to realize that something 'wasn't right' with this father. Turned out his sister Varcanna had thought to warn his son about the K'Satizitus and the youth now knew the one controling his body was an enemy. However it took the intervention of a Jedi Master to prevent the spirit from successfully kidnapping Silonik anyway.

Even the Jedi Master probably wouldn't have succeed fully if something hadn't distrubed the very core of the spirit's being. It so happened that someone had found part of the anchor that allowed the spirit to roam the material plane: it's skeleton. Distressed that it's secret was found it, it beat feet back to Trandosha, leaving puzzled Jedi Master behind, but not before leaving Silonik a clue to why it left so suddenly.

Once back on Trandosha a mad race to find the last part of the spirits old physical body, the skull, began. The spirit was delayed in finding it first by another Jedi and while dueling with her the Trandoshan outcast, Asri, found and smashed the skull, freeing Trazu from his mental prison and banishing the K'Satizitus forever.

He was free, but not at peace. During his time on the dark side he had commited unspeakable crimes by his own hand, crimes he now deeply regretted. Looking for redemption he returned to Yavin IV and asked the Jedi there to judge him as they saw fit. The Jedi, understanding the circumstances he was under, pardoned him, even offered him training on the light side of the Force. It was an offer Trazu refused, feeling it would be too risky to learn anymore about the power that nearly destroyed him and his family. Before he left for him however, he got to spend some true father son time with Silonik. When he returned home he stayed low for awhile, spending most of his time with his children and starting up a relationship with Asri. Soon after they had married he had a sixth child, Kassi, the first black Trandoshan ever known.

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