This page is for ideas/concepts around the vakar that I have yet to decide will be 'official' yet. So take anything you read here with a grain of salt unless you see it show up in one of the other catagories on the main page.

Origin V1

Vakar are a creation of a species that existed during the Promethian Empire (though I haven't decided in this version if they were part of said Empire or not yet). They created them, at first, with the intention of having them rule over ancient turians: not as oppressors, but as a means to control their technological progress (to gently uplift them). This changed when the Reapers came to harvest during their creator's cycle. Seeing all as lost, but noticed the Reapers were leaving the turians (and the vakar) alone, they saw an opportunity to use their creations to prepare the turian's for the next time the Reapers came. They started to 'reprogram' the vakar to be collectors and deliverers of knowledge, however they never got to complete the reprograming before being wiped out by the Reapers. Due to the reprogramming being only partly done, it left the vakar somewhat 'buggy': they could obtain knowledge and retain it forever as designed, but it left them vulnerable to that knowledge overwhelming their sense of self, leading to insanity. Because of this, and the difficulty of spreading the warning of the Reapers to newer vakar, the knowledge of the threat of the Reaper's completely disappeared over the centuries, leaving current vakar just as clueless about the Reaper threat as the turian's they were designed to protect. As an additional side effect, the vakar became particularly susceptible to indoctrination.

Origin V2

Rather similar to V1, but in this case the creators were extra-dimensional/galactic beings. The reasoning behind their creation is much the same as V1, however, the creators created a 'fail-safe' along with the vakar: a series of mechanical androids (think Terminator) designed to eliminate vakar that strayed from the purpose they were created for (they were essentially the first hanatars - vakar hunters). Over time, the turian's rejected the vakar as 'rulers' and the vakar had to adapt, becoming the vigilante crime figures they are currently (this happens in V1 as well). However, the androids could not adapt their programing, thus finding the vakar's new self-imposed purpose a violation of their creator's intent. This resulted in a long conflict between the two, though vakar had one advantage over the androids: they could make more vakar. Since the androids could not make more of themselves, the vakar eventually won the conflict, driving the few remaining androids into hiding. This victory, however, came at a cost: too many of the original vakar were lost in the war and as a result, the knowledge of their origin and the warning of the Reapers they were supposed to carry, was lost.

Also, there's a chance the creators still exist and may return to see how things went.

What makes a vakar a vakar

Like in some vampire lore, vakars are what they are due to a virus, though this virus is more akin to a biological nanite. This nanite has a 'self-destruct' property to it where, if the vakar dies, or blood/tissue is separated from the body for too long, it falls apart and disintegrates. This leaves scientists wanting to learn about vakar on a cellular level with nothing to work with, thus preventing third parties from 'altering' the vakars 'programing' without the creator's consent. The only time this does not happen is when the blood is consumed by either another vakar, or by a turian hoping to become one.

What fuel's their powers

I don't know yet! Likely related to dark energy…or perhaps something else completely.

Wizard did it. :P


I keep having the idea of vakar actually being able to have children 'normally' pop up (seems to be an obsession of mine: any pairings I have OMG must have kids somehow). This would occur either due to very specific conditions having been met (which would be so rare it hasn't been discovered yet), or an 'upgrade' from their creators when said creators finally show up again. Either way, the resulting children would be like normal turians until sometime after their twentieth birthday, where they start to 'transform' into a vakar. There may be an element of choice in whether or not they go through this transition, since vakar are big on choice. Still not sure yet though.

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