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Physical Differences





While vakar have many abilities and advantages over the normal turians, they do have their weaknesses and ‘flaws’.

Daylight suppresses many abilities

Vakar lose much of their special abilities during daylight hours, making them essentially normal turians with really fast healing abilities. They can still minushin while feeding, however, though feeding is a much riskier prospect during the day. Thus, vakar will only feed during the day if they are really desperate.

Vakar are not immune from death

Anything that can kill a person instant, or near instantly, can kill a vakar. A vakar can also perish if the source of injury damages them faster than they can heal (e.g. being set on fire) and they can’t get away from that source. Death by starvation is also a possibility, though starving vakar tend end up getting themselves killed when their ravenous state makes them a threat to society.

They cannot accept medical aid

Their incredible immune systems and healing abilities can actually kill them if they are exposed to some types of medical aid. Medi-gel, blood transfusions, and many artificial stimulants and depressants can send them into anaphylactic shock. Unfortunately, treatments for anaphylactic shock more than likely only make the condition worse for a vakar and unless the vakar is strong enough to wait out the shock, they will die. This is especially so if the medicine is injected directly into their body (such as through an IV).

That said, not all medical aid pose such a threat. Topical medicines such as lotions and crèmes, for instance, cause only a more localized reaction and are usually recovered from. Still, with medical technology constantly changing, it’s next to impossible for a vakar to know what is a danger to them or not. Thus, vakar will avoid any medical aid if they can, aside from non-medicated bandaging.

Insanity is always a threat

Their great memories come at a cost. While day to day memories and thoughts they produce themselves are processed normally in their brains, the ones they gain from minushin linger in their short term memory. The more they feed, the more foreign thoughts and memories build up there, starting to crowd out their own: in short, they start having trouble thinking for themselves. The line between who they are and who the fed on start to blur, leading to confusion and eventually insanity. When a vakar goes insane, they cannot be saved.

To negate this, vakar will go into a meditative trance and essentially force their brains to process the foreign thoughts and memories. When done, those memories are stored into a separate memory area designed for them, separate from normal long term memory. They are still able to recall these memories afterward if needed, though some may need to go into a similar trance to ‘find’ it.

How often a vakar needs to meditate varies, depending on what they feed on and their individual strength of will (for instance, vakar that feed mostly on donated or animal blood can go for a long time without meditating). The responsibility of meditating regularly falls on the individual, however, all sect members are trained to look for signs that an member hasn’t meditated when they should have and remind them.

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