Becoming a vakar

The process to turn a turian into a vakar is called simply turning. It is long and can even prove to be deadly to those trying to become vakar. Due to this, vakar are very chosy on who they invite to take the chance to join their ranks. Often, they will observe a potential candidate for weeks, sometimes months, before approaching them with the idea. If the person shows no interest, the vakar will leave and not bother them again, unless the person approaches them about it on their own. However, if the person seems warm to the idea, it triggers a month’s long ‘interview’ process.

The vakar usually start out by questioning the individual on what they know about vakar, gauging their answers and correcting any misconceptions they may have. Afterward, vakar starts doing what seemed like small talk, while occasionally giving the potential candidate tid bits of more information they didn’t know about vakar. The causal manner is meant to put the individual at ease, to gain trust, and, most importantly, potentially cause them to reveal anything that would automatically disqualify them as a suitable candidate. There are several criteria a candidate must satisfy, else the vakar will walk away and never return.

Selection Criteria

One criteria is that the turian must be mentally mature. This means no proper vakar will turn a child, or anyone that is mentally handicapped in anyway: the individual must be capable of fully understanding what they are getting into (and more importantly willing). Related is the turian’s motivation for wanting to become a vakar: a vakar will reject a candidate if the individual is out for revenge, or simply desires power, for instance. A candidate’s sole reason must be to serve and protect turian society by eliminating those that the law enforcement cannot, or will not do themselves.

Another criteria is the physical shape the individual is in. Due to the nature of their ‘job’, being in top physical shape with little to no physical disabilities is highly recommended. Vakar may make exceptions if a condition is not advanced enough to impede the individual duties in a severe way (e.g. some forms of muscular dystrophy, like distal or facioscpulohumeral, would be allowed if it’s only in the early stages). However, other conditions will result in a flat out refusal (for instance, having any kind of blood disorder, like anemia). Due to the physical requirements vakar prefer, most candidates are usually between twenty to thirty years old.

The last, and perhaps the most important criteria over all, is that the candidate’s motives must mesh with the vakars. A candidate needs to have a strong sense of duty to turian society and a desire to protect it beyond what they are allowed to do through ‘legal’ means. They must be willing to work outside the law as needed, but also with it. Selflessness is also highly desired, in fact, most vakar will outright reject someone if they are in it only for power or revenge.

Preparation and Oaths

When a candidate meets all the criteria, they are encouraged to tie up any lose ends of their soon-to-be old life. This is to prevent family and friends from attempting to find them should they succeed in becoming a vakar, leading to potentially awkward confrontations. The host vakar usually gives the candidate as much time as needed to make these preparations, with instructions on how to contact them when they are ready to proceed.

Once that is done, the vakar will invite them into their home and have them swear an oath of loyalty to both the sect and the cause the vakar stand for. Only then, will the vakar initiate the turning process itself. At any moment up to this point, a candidate is free to change their mind and return to their old life. The vakar doing the turning, usually ensures to remind them of this fact many times, with one final reminder before the actual process initiation.

Process itself

The first stage of the process is for the vakar to drink the candidate’s blood, more than from a ‘non-kill’ feed, but less than a ‘kill fed’. The purpose is to weaken the candidate’s immune system enough so it won’t repeal the virus, but getting the balance right can be tricky, as every turian is different. For this reason, typically only vakar that are of Master rank and above are allowed to initiate a turn, as they have the experience needed to minimize both the risk of death and failure.

For the second stage, the candidate must consume vakar blood. This transfers the virus into the candidate, though how much blood the candidate needs to take in is also a balancing act. The vakar must give the candidate enough of their blood to overpower what’s left of the candidate’s immune system, otherwise the process will fail. On the same token, too much of their blood at once may kill the candidate.

If the candidate survives the first two stages, they go into the third, final stage. Here they must fast, drinking only water. while enduring intense fevers, various stages of pain, chills, hot flashes and even bouts of delirium, with death hanging over them almost every inch of the way. During this time, the vakar do what they can to make the candidate comfortable, but otherwise can only watch helplessly: they can’t even give them pain killers, otherwise the process will fail. When the fever finally clears completely up to a week later, only then will they know if the process succeeded or not. They test this by offering both blood and normal food: a successful turn will go for the blood, while failed one will dive for the food.

If the turian failed to turn, he or she will never become a vakar, as his or her body will be immune to the virus from that point on. Most such individuals will continue to serve the vakar anyway for the rest of their lives in some form. Other’s return to their previous lives and a few will go to the extreme of taking their life out of shame.

For those that the process succeeded, they are first asked to choose a new given name, if they so wished. Most opt to simply modify their current given name in some way: family names are dropped completely. Afterward, they are first required to make a more extensive version of the oath they took before and only then, are they welcomed as a member of the sect.

The freshly turned

Newborn vakar are particularly ravenous due to their bodies adjusting to the new state it is in. They need to feed every night, sometimes every twelve hours, to keep themselves sane. It is especially important that they remain calm and not do anything rash doing the first week or so, as the ‘time lock’ on their bodies has yet to fully manifest, therefore any damage to their bodies sustained at this time is at risk of becoming ‘permanent’. Once their fangs fully grow in, a process which is irritating, if not painful itself, their bodies are in full timelock. After they get their fangs, they calm down somewhat, though they won’t be allowed to hunt alone until the ravenous phase passes completely, which can take up to two years. Once the ravenous phase has passed, they are considered full vakar of the first tier, or runovus.

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