Feeding Etiquette

Food sources

Like vampires, vakar sustain themselves by drinking blood. Any kind of blood will do so long as it’s dextro based: levo based blood carries the risk of allergic reaction. However, they do have a preference on the type of blood they prefer.

Turian - Most preferred. The bulk of their blood comes from this source, usually directly from the turian.

Donated - While technically from a turian, vakar tend to hate the taste of donated blood and will only accept it if they have no other options.

Animal - Like with donated blood, vakar will avoid drinking animal blood if they have better options available. However, access to animal blood is usually kept open to them as an emergency supply option, or to feed newly turned vakar.

Vakar - This option is only as an absolute last resort, as vakar blood does not sustain them for nearly as long as other sources. That said, drinking vakar blood is often routine, as it’s a fast way for vakar to transfer information to each other.

While vakar can eat normal food, they gain nothing from it, nutrition wise. In fact, normal food is more likely to give them indigestion and stomach cramps, so they tend to avoid it. Liquids, like water, are more tolerable, but of them they would only drink water willingly.

How they feed

When feeding directly from a target, a vakar will always go for the neck whenever possible. This allows for quicker feeding due to the speed and amount of blood flow, plus the closer proximity to the brain provides a stronger signal for minushin. Vakar will also always instinctively go for the veins, as it is much safer for the victim and easier to drink from.

With turians, vakar are pretty much required to attack from the front, especially if aiming for the neck. This is due to the nature of a turian’s cowl, which effectively blocks easy access to the neck from behind. As a result, vakar either knock out, or otherwise restrain their targets, for both their safety and the target’s.

Who they target

Vakar usually only go after criminals caught in the act of performing a crime. They will even go as far as to wait until the act is ‘sealed’ before striking (e.g. the safe they are breaking into is open). This is to cement the ‘intent’ of the person being there, thus making them a valid target. At least in the case of crimes that do not do direct harm to an innocent.

Violent crimes, however, cause an immediate reaction in most cases. If a person acts like they are going to commit a violent act, such as shooting someone, a vakar will most likely strike before they can do so if they can. Even the police are not safe in this cases, if the vakar feels the action is not justified. That said, not all violent acts will trigger a vakar interfering: a simple fist fight over a small dispute, for instance, will be ignored.

When it comes to killing a turian, vakar typically only do so for turians that not only commit the worse types of crime, but are completely without remorse over it. Child molesters, serial rapists and murderers are at the top of ‘kill’ lists for most vakar. The one exception to this, is if a female turian whom otherwise fits that list, is pregnant: many vakar will not kill such a person as the life growing within is considered an innocent.

Trigger Rage

This is a state a vakar can go into if they witness, or ‘read’ situations that causes them to react violently. Not all vakar can go into this state, but those that can usually had personally suffered or witnessed an event that is related to the trigger in their pre-vakar lives. For example, a vakar that had been raped prior to becoming a vakar will react more violently toward rapists.

When in this state, the vakar will only see the offending party. Their whole focus will be to feed on that person, whether they are hungry or not. Vakar in this state are more likely to not bother with rendering the target unconscious before feeding. More often than not, unless stopped by another, the vakar in the throes of trigger rage will kill the target, sometimes in a rather violent and gory way.

With mental training, some vakar are able to keep themselves from entering this state if they know ahead of time what the target did, or if they suspect it. Otherwise, those that are prone to this rage require a hunting partner, especially if the crime that triggers it happens often.

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