How vakar are viewed (and vice versa)

Among turians

The general population

Vakar are largely considered just a myth among this group, though individual turians may know more about them depending on research and personal experiences. However, vakar are careful to stay aware of public opinion, as it is an overall indicator of how tolerated their presence would be and thus how ‘open’ they should operate. If public opinion starts to go sour for whatever reason, vakar generally take that a sign to lay low for a while and/or possibly start consider relocating.

Civic police

Vakar relations can be hit and miss with the local police. Some police consider vakar no better than the criminals they hunt and should be jailed alongside them. However, more often than not the vakar are tolerated, especially in high crime areas where the police can be overwhelmed. It is not unheard of, in fact, for a vakar sect to have one or two ‘allies’ in a department to go to if needed (e.g. they have evidence that could help the police with a case). Otherwise, vakar tend not to interfere directly with police matters, but have been known to get involved if they feel the police could use the help.

Due to their nature and purpose, many vakar actually were police officers in their old lives. This gives the vakar a familiarity with the system, so they can work with it when possible…or get themselves out of trouble if things go sour.

There has been times where, spurred on by local populous, the police are compelled to act on the ‘vakar menace’ and push them out of their area, if not exterminate them. They are usually aided by the one group vakar fear: hanatars.


Hanatars are vakar slayers the vakar have a true love/hate relationship. They operate much like the hastatim, but without the safe camps: there is no surrendering allowed for a vakar if they become a hanatar squads target. That said, most hanatar groups only target vakar that have gone rogue and such squads vakar are willing work with to achieve it. However, there have/are squads that believe there is no good vakar and will target any they come across. For that reason, a vakar will only approach the hanatar if they are absolutely certain they would not be a threat.

Politics and wars

Vakar remain neutral in the political sense: so long established laws are followed, they could care less what political affiliation the individual is from. The structure of turian society itself makes this a very easy stance to follow, though they are not necessarily loyal to the Hierarchy itself. However, this stance causes issues when it comes to turian rebellions and civil wars. Using established laws as base on who to target can become difficult, if not impossible due to the nature of war itself. That said, some cases are easier for vakar to figure out than others: for instance, if a side uses terrorist acts that purposely results in the senseless loss of life of innocents, the vakar will treat the responsible party as an enemy.

Due to their tendency to remain neutral and not take sides, vakar are sometimes targeted by the warring factions (e.g. ‘if you are not with us, you are against us’ type deal). Vakar, while they will defend themselves, more often than out will prefer to retreat and hide until things calm down. One exception to this is if they are confronted by the hastatim, in which case they will surrender and allowed to be taken to the safe camps. Hastatim often find vakar rather frustrating to deal with, however, as while vakar will willingly give up any information they have, their neutral position will often yield info that makes both sides look bad.

Galactic relations

The galactic community as a whole consider vakar a myth, if they have even heard of them at all. In all honesty, vakar prefer it that way, as they often have trouble enough dealing with misconceptions and purge attempts from the turians. In general, vakar tend to be neutral on other Council species and have no interest in galactic politics, though they do take it upon themselves to keep up on galactic events. Overall though, they largely ignore the other Council races, dealing with them only if they absolutely have to. This is mainly due to the fact that they can’t feed off the vast majority of the Council species (they could feed on Quarians, but the effort involved and the fact the process will likely kill the Quarian make it not worth it), though they will still stop a crime involving non-turians. There are a couple of different ‘factions’ they particularly loathe, despite their neutral stance.


While vakar take a general ‘hands off’ approach when it comes to galactic matters, they do have a strong dislike for Spectres. Vakar tend feel the existence of Spectres to be an insult, even a mockery. This is due to the fact that Spectres are considered above the law at all times, free to do whatever they want so long as the job gets done. While this may seem contradictory, considering vakar technically work above the law themselves, the difference is that a vakar will never intentionally harm an innocent while pursuing their target, while a number of Specres have been known to do otherwise. Vakar feel this is wrong and due to this, a vakar will not recognize a Spectre’s authority and will treat them the same as any criminal if they catch them doing a criminal act according to local law. Needless to say, conflicts between vakar and Spectres have happened on occasion and a number of Spectres have disappeared on turian worlds over the centuries because of this.


Pirates are the criminals that will almost always ‘get away’ to vakar. This is mainly due to vakar not being comfortable with space travel in general and this is for two reasons. One, is that the confined space of a space ship makes it more difficult to keep their nature secret. Second and perhaps more critical is the difficulty in finding food to sustain themselves, especially on trips that would take more than one day. Needless to say, pirates are not usually on the ‘menu’, but vakar will gladly take out well known pirates should they dare to set foot in their territory.

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