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Night 7


Much later that day

It had been a slow day at the office, much to Galyrus’ relief. After the firestorm that was last night, he was grateful for a slow day to allow himself time to properly process the events of the previous day. He wondered, though, how long it would last, as the few times he saw the Chief wandering about he could tell he had a lot on his mind. Galyrus wondered if he man got much sleep last night due ot the bombshells they dropped on him.

At least the mole was taken care of… he thought, rapping this stylus on the desk in thought. Kerana was now under constant guard at a secure location in a nearby hospital, though the doctor’s prognosis on when she’ll awaken was uncertain. So it looked like any further info they get from her will be from Ky’yn, once she was well enough to pass on that information. If she got anything relivent to the Varren itself…. He knew vakar didn’t have much control over what memories they read, especially if the person was unconscious. For all he knew, the only other thing Ky’yn got was a smashing recipe for pi’qak stew.

“Detective Quidros.”

Galyrus nearly jumped out of his chair, then glared up at the Chief, whom was standing just inside his office. “Spirits, Chief…knock first will ya?” he groaned.

“I have a feeling you would have jumped out of your skin either way,” the Chief said with a smirk. Galyrus felt a bit of relief to see a little humor back in his superior, but that smirk faded quickly to seriousness. “When do your ‘friends’ usually wake up?”

“They usually don’t awaken until just after sundown, I believe,” Galyrus replyed. “Why?”

“I would like to speak to one of them again…Stensig was it? About his ‘former employers’, so-to-speak.”

“If it’s about how vakar operate and such I believe we covered everything relevant last night…”

The Chief shook his head. “No, I want to know about the members themselves. General descriptions, what they are each capable of, that kind of thing.”

This gave Galyrus cause for concern. “You’re not thinking about putting out a warrant for each of them, are you?”

“No, at least not yet,” the Chief clarified. “Consider this me wanting to know ahead of time what our boys may be getting into if they come across them on the street.”

“Understandable…How soon did you want him to come in to give you this info?”

“As soon as possible.”

Galyrus considered warning him about how injured vakar like Ky’yn could be a potential threat to society if left alone, but decided against it. His superior’s stance on vakar was shaky as is and telling him that could make him not trust them at all. “I’ll give him a ring and tell him what’s up. I will need permission to go pick him up, however.”

“Granted. I’ll be in my office when you get him here.”

Galyrus sighed and keyed in the number to Stensig’s omni-tool, hoping the vakar didn’t turn it off. It buzzed a few times before a grogy sounding Stensig picked up. “Hey, Sten…sorry for waking you up, but Chief wants you to come in ASAP to have another chat. I’ll be swinging by to get you in a few: I’ll explain what’s going on when I get there.”

After the connection was cut, Galyrus sighed once more and put on his jacket before heading to his car. He prayed his decision to not delay this meeting would not bite him in the ass later….

He was sleeping very soundly for the time being. It felt like it had taken literally no time between his eyes closing and falling immediately to a deep-level sleep, arm draped around his treasured companion. Stensig's rest was black and dreamless, but more refreshing than even he'd hoped for. For a blissful number of hours he was completely removed from the world and its troubles and stresses. All he knew now was warmth, comfort, and pleasant company.

– Until he heard a ringing noise. Stensig's eyes snapped open in surprise at the unexpected unfamiliar sound. A strange vibration sensation was overtaking his forearm, and he rolled over to find that his omnitool was doing… something. He wearily examined the gadget, realizing that it was receiving a call. After touching the 'answer' button prompt, a small holoscreen blinked to life, revealing the familiar face of Galyrus.

“Oh, hey boss,” the half-awake vakar droned out, “What's going on?”

“Hey, Sten…sorry for waking you up, but Chief wants you to come in ASAP to have another chat. I’ll be swinging by to get you in a few: I’ll explain what’s going on when I get there.” The detective wasted no time making his intent known and clear.

“Whatever it is, I promise I didn't do it,” Stensig yawned wide, “Alright, see ya soon.”

The detective nodded and closed the comm line, leaving Stensig sitting upright in the dark room. He hung his head down for a few moments, lowly grumbling. While he'd certainly been asleep for an acceptable amount of time, he didn't feel fully rested. The culprit to his weak feeling introduced itself in the form of his stomach starting to growl. Ah man, it feels like forever since I had a proper hunt. Perking his head up, his eyes fell to the two jugs sitting in the corner of the room. Alright how 'bout this, I'll get a pick-me-up now and then I'll go hunting after I see the chief. Good plan, great plan.

Slipping out from under the bed covers he made his way to the jugs and picked one up gratefully. He unscrewed the cap, then proceeded to carefully tilt the spout towards his mouth. The ensuing drink was just what he needed, within seconds he already started to feel more awake and alert. Though feeling better, he still found himself eager to take more than he should, and he had to force himself away from the jug with some effort. Luckily it still seemed that there was still a good 2/3 or 3/4 of the contents left. That on top of the second full jug should provide ample sustenance for Ky'yn. Satisfied, he screwed the cap back on and replaced the jug to its spot.

With one problem half taken care of, he turned his mind to another: He still was in desperate need of meditation. There was no way he'd want to return to the Chief at any less than optimal mental energy. I probably have a little time before Galyrus gets back, I should take this opportunity. Leaning against the bedroom wall, Stensig allowed himself to slide down into a sitting position. He positioned his arms and legs accordingly and lowered his head, closing his eyes as he did so.

Of all the times I need to go out…it had to be during rush hour, Galyrus mentally grumbled, glaring at all the skycars in the sky around him. One would think that with flying transportation, conjustion like this wouldn’t happen anymore. However, such travel had to be regulated to keep the skies from being total chaos. Galyrus could only imagine how many car crashes there would be otherwise. Thankfully, the rush hadn’t reached its full peak just yet, so it only took fifteen minutes to get home: he expected the trip back to the office to take even less time.

At first, he waited in the car outside, hopeful the vakar would come out on his own. After few moments, Galyrus sighed and went in, hoping Stensig didn’t roll over and go back to sleep: he had issues with Bryst doing that as is. “Sten, are you ready to go?” he called out. When he got no response, he frowned and started to search around the house.

It’s not night time yet, so he shouldn’t be able to go invisible just yet, he mused as he checked each room. The last room turned out to be the one he should have checked first, as was typical. He found Stensig sitting against the wall, eyes closed, looking like he had indeed fallen asleep. However, the pose reminded him of something that told him otherwise. Ah, right…he probably needed to meditate, Galyrus thought.

He knew he shouldn’t disturb him, so he checked on Ky’yn. She was still sleeping soundly, though he couldn’t tell how much her injury had healed with how Stensig bandaged her. In truth, he was more worried about when she’ll wake up. Please don’t wake up until one of us get’s back…, he pleaded. Galryus did notice the two jugs of blood in the corner, but there was no guarantee she’ll see them before going into hunt mode. Nothing could be done about that now.

Just then, he noticed Stensig stir. “Hope your mind is nice and clear,” Galyrus said, loud enough for the vakar to hear, but not so loud it would disturb Ky’yn. “Chief wants a run down on your former sectmates: powers, descriptions, that sort of thing.” He added with a sigh. “Unfortunately he wants to know as soon as possible…thus why I’m here to take you back to the station. May want to get dressed first though…I don’t think you’d want to go to a meeting in nothing but your skivvies.” The detective gave him a smirk.

Meanwhile, another vakar was getting disturbed himself.

“Oh what is it Dacia…?” Chelos moaned as he answered his omni tool…one he only had for Varren related dutied. “It’s my day off…..”

The image of the the Second Boss scowled briefly at him. ~I don’t care~ she snarled. ~I have a favor to ask of you…as much as it galls me to do so.~

This got his attention. The Second Boss asking him for a favor? “I’m flattered…and a bit surprised…you would do so, Second Boss…considering how much you love me,” he cooed.

~Make no mistake, Chelos…I don’t like you…let alone trust you as far as I can throw you….~

“Are you calling me fat?”

~Shut up and listen!~ the woman snapped. Chelos smirked and waited while Dacia recomposed herself. ~You remember what I told you last night?~

“Yes…one of your contects was late in reporting.”

~Well she still hasn’t reported in…and it’s not like her!~

“It’s possible she was compromised and had to go to ground,” Chelos commented causally. “Sometimes when that happens you can’t risk making contact.”

~Hmph…sounds like you had experience with that kind of thing.~


~Anyway…I want you to see what you can find out about her disappearance. You seem to have a knack for finding things out that you shouldn’t…so that’s why I am asking…no…ordering you to do this.~

“I thought this was supposed to be a favor?” Chelos pointed out with a grin.

~Just do it!~ Dacia’s face was starting to durn blue with anger.

“Alright, alright…but I’ll need her name and where she was operating.”

Now Dacia hesitated, obviously not fully certain she wanted him to know this. ~Lithyn Desellian.~ she replied. ~She’s a mole in the local police department…specifically as part of the Varren Task Force.~

“Ahhh….” Chelos found that very curious they would go so far as to put a mole in the police department. He wondered if it was Dacia’s or the Big Boss’ idea. “Trying to stay one step ahead of the police, eh?”

~If we want to keep our operation from being shut down, we have to,~ Dacia half muttered.

“Understandable…give me a few hours and I’ll find out what I can.”

~Why so long?~

“My dear…you should know by now: I work best at night.”

Dacia hissed and abruptly cut the connection. Chelos chuckled a bit at her reaction before getting out of bed. He dressed and quickly left the Santuary before the others woke up, to avoid too many questions. Once a sufficient distance, he made a beeline for the police HQ. Time to see what you’ve been up to…. Chelos thought with a smile.

“You don't think that'd work in our favor?” Stensig's eyes snapped open as he responded, a smirk widening on his face, “I'm told I have great hip structure…” The vakar stood up and stretched, finally feeling refreshed and recharged, as well as surprisingly chipper. The detective seemed pleased at his mood, but kept a straight face with crossed arms.

“How are you two doing?” He asked, knowing Stensig would have a good handle on Ky'yn's status.

“Better, both of us,” came the reply. Stensig moved past Galyrus to reacquire his clothes. As he slipped into his pants he added, “Her fever's gone and her heartrate and pulse are down to normal. Still out like a light though. I have no idea when she'll wake up. A few days maybe, but…” Stensig shrugged after putting his shirt and jacket back on, and stopped to look at his now exposed gun and baton sitting on the chair. His expression became solemn, and he turned his head to look at the officer. “If I'm going out I'll be wanting those”

Galyrus looked apprehensive for a moment, but gave a small shake of his head. “I wouldn't expect any less, that's fine. Just, keep them hidden if you don't mind,” The vakar nodded and briskly rearmed himself, making them invisible as he did.

“Alrighty,” he said, feeling comfortable with himself, “So we're taking a trip to see the Chief eh? What's he need again?”

Galyrus politely stepped aside to allow Stensig out of the room, following behind, “He wants a detailed list of your former sectmates. Names, aliases, appearances, ranks, and powers,” he paused for a second, “Yeah, powers for sure. We'll need everything we can get”

“Sure thing, that should be simple enough,” Stensig then stopped himself and turned to point to the room door, “You should probably lock that. If she wakes up we don't want her wandering around, and then she'd be sure to find the blood on her own,”

Galyrus nodded in agreement, and punched in a code to the door, closing it and applying a red hologram to the front. “There, that'll do it. Ready to go?”

Stensig sighed slightly, “Yeah, I just don't want to leave her alone for too long”

“I don’t blame you…,” Galyrus muttered as they walked out of the house, before speaking up again. “I didn’t tell the Chief you were staying with me, or the risk Ky’yn may pose while she’s injured. I figured his trust in vakar was shakey enough as is. Hopefully Ky’yn behaves and stays asleep until one of us gets back.”

They got into the car and started on their way back to the station. Along the way, Galyrus couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong….

Ky’yn had been enjoying the actual pleasant dream she was having, a dream of her and Stensig at the Lake, getting frisky with each other. Then the comforting presence suddenly vanished and for a moment her mind was blank, leaving her longing for the pleasant dream once more. A new, more recent memory of Kerana’s started to surface and Ky’yn braced herself for the horror to come.

However, the woman wasn’t in the lab this time, she was striding purposely and eagerly at a prisk pace through a more lavish setting. Where she was became clear when she burst through a set of double doors, a surprised Ja’aetrus looking up from his desk.

“Lieutenant….” The Second Boss looked rather annoyed by her sudden entrance. “This is unlike you to just burst right in…your explanation for this rudeness better be good.”

“You need to watch this,” Kerana said, quickly transferring a video file to his console.

Ja’aetrus looked at her, then at the file, a frown on his face, before activating the file. On it was a recording of their latest interrogation of their newest vakar subject.

”You think you Syndicate bastards are so smart….,” the creature, Kronos, said, giggling. It was clear to Ky’yn that the torture had finally gotten to him. “We know about your plans of expansion…” “How!?” Kerana on the video said. “Only top members know about that!” Kronos was giggling, his sanity clearly gone. “We have our ways…found out about your agents…even got a nice little list of their names and the alias’ they would be going under. One of our own…left the planet to hunt them down…one by one…..” “How long ago did your friend leave?!” Kerana demanded. “Doesn’t matter…she won’t be coming back until they are all dead.”

The recording ended then. Kerana folded her arms and gave Ja’aetrus a ‘I told you so’ look. Ja’aetrus rubbed his forehead, sighing with defeat. “Alright…I admit I was wrong not to be concerned about agent losses. How these creatures got ahold of that information though…”

“Does it matter ‘how’ right now?” Kerana growled. “Unless we act now, we’ll lose all of our off world agents! We need to recall them!”

“Some of the agents are in delicate situations,” Ja’aetrus sighed. “To pull them out would risk our operations being exposed.”

“That freak could be exposing us to every vakar and police force she meets!”

“You think they would believe her?” Ja’aetrus countered. “Not everyone believes they exist after all: they’d probably laugh her out of the room.”

“Can we take that chance?”

Ja’aetrus visibly paused to think a moment. “No, we cannot.” After another pause he said. “I would like you go and stop this vakar from killing any more of our agents.”

Kerana was shocked by this turn of events. “Why me? You have skilled assassins that would likely jump at the chance of hunting one of those freaks.”

“Because out of everyone that has experience in killing…you are the only one that has any knowhow about how vakar operate…how they think…what they are capable of.”

“I see your point, Second Boss,” Kerana sighed. “I’ll instruct Oneus to continue the experiments…and leave as soon as possible.”

The memory ended, but wasn’t replaced by another, much to Ky’yn’s relief. Well…now I know why that bitch was off Revati, she thought. The bitch was hunting for me….

She started wondering how close Kerana was to finding her before the Reapers attacked, but stopped herself. It didn’t matter. Instead she mourned for Kronos, whom had to suffer so: she prayed he died a quick death at the Reapers hands.

Then a new pull tugged at her mind. One that was not only all too familiar, but was pulling her out of her sleeping state. A pain in her belly confirmed it.

She was hungry. Very hungry.

The trip back to the station was uneventful, though that nagging feeling was still there. Once he parked, he and Stensig quickly made their way to the Chief’s office: they both wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible to minimize how long Ky’yn was alone. “Ah, good you’re here,” the Chief said when they walked in. “Have a seat, as this may take awhile: I want to know everything you know about your former ‘friends’….”

The hardest part about going out on a ‘job’ like this was waiting for the sun go to down. Chelos paced a little in the little maintenance shed he used to access the police electronics. Only a little, as it was a bit cramped and he didn’t want to risk tripping over the numerous wires in there. Thankfully the sun went down a short time later and he felt a sense of ‘wholeness’ as the full range of his capabilities returned to him.

He immediately got to work, removing a piece of electricial tape off a computer wire before slipping a bare talon into the exposed wiring. Chelos felt the slight ‘jolt’ of electricy pass through him, telling him he hit the right spot. With a deep breath, he focused his mind and ‘dived’ into the network.

Last time it took a bit of time to find what he was looking for, as he was unfamiliar with the police computer network. This time, he knew where to go and what kind of defensives to expect. He quickly found the most recent report involving Lithyn. ’Critically wounded in a scuffle with a suspect,’ he read. Well, that certainly explains her lack of check in. But is there more to this?

What he found would certainly be enough to satisfy Dacia, but his vakar curiousity drove him to looking deeper. He was curious to see if there was more too this: like perhaps the responsible party was a Varren that recognized her, though he doubted that. It wasn’t long before he noticed inconsistancies. He found that Lithyn was more of an office worker that only rarely dwelt with suspects directly. A case of wrong place at the wrong time? He dug even deeper and then he hit the jackpot when tapped into the Chief’s computer.

While the part about her being critically injured was true, it wasn’t a suspect that attacked her. So, Stensig…you and your lady friend did go to the police, he thought, amused. Though that amusement turned to shock, then anger when he read further. So…miss Lithyn was lying about her origins to us, he thought with a sneer. The Chief’s version of the report was very detailed on the matter. Chelos found out that Stensig’s companion’s given name was Ky’yn and she was actually shot by Lithyn when she exposed her. It was Stensig that injured Lithyn in a fit of rage, which Chelos wasn’t surprised by considering the level of relationship Stensig had with Ky’yn he personally witnessed.

The rage came in when he read the part about the Lithyn’s involvement in vakar experiements on some planet he never heard of, to ultimately give vakar powers to members of her criminal originaizion. People like her do not deserve such power.

Then he noticed there was an active recording in the Chief’s office. Curious more than anything, he decided to listen in and felt both annoyed and amused when he heard Stensig’s voice. He was in the process of telling the Chief names, descriptions, and powers of every single member of his sect. Well, well…looks like the Elder was correct to worry about him going to the police…just took a bit longer then he thought. The question in his mind now was what to do about it. He decided to keep listening to see how the Chief reacted to this information….


Ky’yn’s eyes snapped open and greeting her was an unfamiliar room. Where am I? she thought, her eyes flicking back and forth as she scanned the room. Then she recalled a familiar voice telling her that she was in a safe place, so she relaxed, as it was a voice that she knew she trusted.

She sat up slowly, feeling the weariness in her body: it was not due to being tired, but from lack of energy. A loud rumble in her gut reminded her why: she needed to eat. With a sigh, she rubbed her head, only to pull her hand away again in confusion: what was on her face? Spotting a full length mirror on the wall close by, she got up to check it.

Spirits, she thought when she saw the bandages. Why am I…oh yeah. Ky’yn then remembered what happened at the police station. Stensig must have done this…a bit excessive I think, hun. Now curious about how bad her injury really was, she started undoing the bandages. After a moment, she was bandage free and she sighed at the results.

Her body had covered most of the exposed bone and muscle that had been exposed with a new layer of skin, but not much else. This is going to take about a week…maybe more, to heal, she realized with another sigh. Regenerating flesh was one thing, but the bone and cartilage she lost will take longer to regenerate. She especially didn’t like how her tongue just hung down like a slab of meat. I look like a monster from one of those horror movies. At least her fangs were intact, so she could feed using them rather than being spoon fed.

That only reminded her of her current dilemma: she badly needed blood, as her constantly rumbling belly kept reminding her. She was also aware that she was potentially dangerous to any innocent that she saw right now. Ky’yn knew she needed to eat before she attacked someone.

Then she spotted the jugs in the corner of the room, one of them about half empty. From the color of the contents, it could be blood: she hoped that was really the case. She started walking toward them, but a dizzy spell hit her and she lost her balance. Ky’yn cried out in surprise as she hit the floor.

That was graceful, she thought with a sigh as she pulled herself up again. Then the door to the room opened and a young male turian looked in. Oh no… she thought, feeling the ravenous side starting to take over.

“I heard something, are you OK?” the young man said. A part of her was wondering why he looked familiar, but she was too busy trying to futilely keep herself from pouncing on him. “Dear Spirits! What happened to your face!?”

Get out, getout,getout! She was mentally screaming at him, feeling the rumble of a hungry growl in her chest. Ky’yn could feel her body start to move against her will, readying to pounce. No! Don’t! He’s an innocent!

The young man seemed to notice this and start to back away. “Uh…why are you looking at me like….AHHH!” he screamed as she leapt at him….

The more Stensig described, the wider the Chief’s eyes got. “Spirits,” the man breathed. “So much varity…controlling plants…controlling the very air we breathe!? I have to wonder if your kind is responsible for some of our unsolved cases….”

“Unfortunately that is possible, considering vakar are not immune to corruption,” Galyrus said.

“That said…I noticed a couple of these didn’t seem to have powers at all. Why is that?”

“Vakar don’t start to manifest their more, unique, powers until ten years after they turned,” Galyrus replied. “Even then, it may take time for them to figure out what they are. Think of it as a vakar version of ‘puberty’.”

“Ah…I understand, I think. Oh, Detective…your omni is blinking….”

Galyrus looked down at his arm to see he had an incoming call. He looked at the number and saw it was from Bryst. He would be home by now…. he thought, getting a sinking feeling. Stay calm, maybe it’s nothing…. “Bryst, I told you not to call me at work unless it was an emergency,” he stated after answering.

~Uncle!~ the younger man’s voice replied, sounding frantic. ~Why didn’t you tell me that woman that you had stay over was a freaking zombie!?~ A loud thud was then heard in the background.

Zombie? His eyes widened and he looked at Stensig, whom had the same thought as he did. Oh no…. “Bryst, where are you?”

~My bedroom!~ Another thud. ~So far she hasn’t figured out how to open it….~

“Listen, Bryst…you need to make sure she doesn’t get out of the house.”


“You heard me! Sten and I are on our way!” He hung up and looked at the Chief. “Sorry Chief, we’ll have to finish this later. Emergancy.”

The Chief looked rather flabbergasted at first, then annoyed. “I’m going with you.”


“No excuses! It’s obvious you kept something from me and I want an explanation!” The man stood up from his desk. “And I expect such an explanation on the way!”

“Fine! We have no time to argue!”

The trio of males quickly piled into the detective's vehicle, the chief riding shotgun while Stensig sat in the back. Even before anyone had put on their seat restraints Galyrus had already started the engine and gunned down on the gas pedal, sending the car flying out at high speeds.

As Galyrus hurriedly wove between traffic, the chief turned around and rested his arm on the headrest, looking at Stensig sternly. Outwardly one would have assumed that he was interrogating a prisoner in the back of a cop vehicle.

“So tell me,” The chief began, “Why is your friend trying to break down a poor young man's door like a 'zombie'? And don't bullshit me, I've had enough of that to last years already.”

Stensig froze in his seat, trying to come up with the right way to explain things. “Umm…” He stammered, “Well it looks like she didn't find the 'snack' I left for her,” That was the wrong response and he immediately knew it. The chief's eyes narrowed and he gave a growl of rising agitation. “No no, not the kid! It was just some blood in a jug! I got it from the butcher's. I was hoping she'd find it as soon as she woke up so exactly THIS wouldn't happen!”

“And just what the hell IS this?!”

Stensig grunted. It vexed him that he'd have to say something that would put vakar in a bad light, to put it even worse in the chief's already-rocky understanding. “She's starving sir, it's been forever since she's had a proper meal. When that happens to vakar they get a little… animalistic,”

“And now she's attacking an innocent so she can eat him?” The chief was appalled at the thought. Especially with all the prior explanations given to him about vakar creed.

“No!… Well, yes,” Stensig forced himself not to shrink in front of the senior officer. “But that's exactly why we have to get to her NOW,”

The chief said nothing for a minute as he turned himself forward properly in his seat again. Without looking at the vakar he said, very cold and stern, “If your friend lays a hand on that boy, everything will be on your head”

Stensig bit the side of his tongue to suppress a growl. Inside his head he was begging: For the love of all that's good Ky'yn, PLEASE don't hurt anyone…

Oh ho ho! Now that is rather exciting!Chelos thought after the recording abruptly stopped. If he understood thing’s right, Ky’yn’s injury was severe enough that she needed to under constant watch. However, the police chief had apparently insisted Stensig come in today to give this information, thus leaving Ky’yn alone. Well, not completely alone, though alas the poor sap wasn’t told anything about what she really is.

While he was very tempted to follow the trio to the residence, he knew by the time he got there it would be over. The joys of not having a travel power: he had tried to see if he could teleport through electrical wiring, a long time ago, but that only resulted him being a bit on the crispy side. So with a mental sigh he started downloading the relevant information to his omni-tool. In cause Dacia doesn’t believe what he tells her, which was highly likely.

Of course, he was going to be selective on what he told her: he wasn’t going to tell her about the experimentation on vakar bit, for instance, as he certainly didn’t want to give that bitch any ideas. Erapax would certainly would want to know, however, and likely would want this Lithyn person dead: if Dacia didn’t decide to do so herself. He was tempted to make a bet on which one would pull the ‘trigger’ first.

He finished up and ‘disconnected’ himself from the network. After making sure the coast was clear, he slipped out of the maintenance shed and started on his way to a more secure location to make a call to Dacia.

“Chief. If anyone is to blame, it’s me,” Galyrus said as he barely missed a taxi skycar. “I knew Ky’yn may react like this, but I thought…hoped…we had more time before Ky’yn woke up. In hindsight, I should have told you about this risk when you requested Stensig to be brought in. Hell, I even took the precaution of locking the door to the bedroom!”

“Then how the hell did she get out?” the Chief demanded.

At this the detective sighed. “Bryst must have unlocked it for some reason, as I had specifically had it set to only unlock from the outside. EEK!” He turned sharply to avoid a cargo car.

“Ugh…just shut up and get us there!” The Chief sounded exasperated. “I don’t want to end up in a crash due do you trying to talk and drive at the same time!

“Yes, Chief.”

Blood. Blood. Saw it. Hiding. Hiding behind movable wall. Wall not move. Must move it. Must have blood.

It was like there was another person, no, an animal, that had taken over her body. Ky’yn was screaming at herself to stop, to go back into the bedroom to check the contents of the jugs. She was certain what she needed was in them, but the one controlling her body wouldn’t listen. That one was operating purely by instinct, by what was certain. And what was certain was that there was fresh blood behind this door.

This was what a vakar in full blood craze was like…and Ky’yn didn’t like it one bit.

Wall not move. Hungry. Find blood. Look. Hunt.

The civilized Ky’yn mentally shuttered with dread. The animal her finally realized she won’t get past that door and was now starting to search the rest of the house. She pleaded for Stensig to get back in time to stop her.

“Hey!” the voice of the young man the animal her was trying to bite shouted at her, the door to his room barely open. Animal her immediately responded, lunging for him, only to bounce off the door as he shut it in her face. It dazed both sides of her for a moment, though civilized her was thankful the young man was smart enough to know she would be a threat to anyone outside right now.

This happened a few times. Animal her would start to look elsewhere, the kid would lure her back. After the fourth time though, animal her seemed to wise up and didn’t fall for his taunts so easily. Only when he came out of the room fully and threw something at her did he get her attention again. This time he ducked into her bedroom, closing the door behind him.

She didn’t run into the door this time, just stood there and stared, waiting. By now, she knew he will open it again, eventually. When it did, she lunged at him before he had a chance to close it again.

Civilized Ky’yn had to hand it to him: he had good reflexes. The kid was able to jump out of her reach, then vaulted over the bed and went into the closet. This, this though she had something to grip on and it became a kind of tug-of-war between them. Fortunately, the kid didn’t need to fight to keep it closed for long, as the cavalry finally arrived.

“Ky’yn!” someone shouted. This immediately got her attention and animal her rushed out of the room and into the living room in anticipation of a more easily caught meal….

“Ky'yn!” Galyrus shouted, having rushed out of the car as soon as it was in his driveway, his speed equaled his urgency to reach his nephew as quickly as possible, with the chief and Stensig trailing behind. They'd barely climbed out of the car before Galyrus burst through the front door to the living room.

Big mistake. A feral Ky'yn was immediately on top of him, tackling him to the ground, biting and clawing at his throat. Luckily for Galyrus he had two arms to work with, keeping a firm grab against her wrist and his palm placed forcefully against her face. He was surprised, however, at just how strongly she could fight back. Even in what should have been a weakened state, the pure instinct and adrenaline-like rush Ky'yn was going through made her much stronger than normal.

The chief and Stensig quickly entered. “Spirits ALIVE!” the chief cried as he ran over and took hold of Ky'yn's neck, wrapping his left arm around and clamping his hand against her right shoulder. He used his right arm to grasp her undamaged right arm, slowly and forcefully pulling her talons away from the detective's neck. In a struggling war of attrition he was slowly able to pull her back up into an almost-sitting position on her knees, but still pinning Galyrus onto his back.

“Hold her like that for a second!!” Stensig ordered as he whisked past the scuffle towards the hallway.

“And just WHAT are you gonna do!?” The chief barked sidelong behind the other vakar. He kept his grip as tight as he could. The female was fiercely struggling and growling and hissing at everything.

Stensig burst into the guest room, and frantically moved to the far corner to procure a jug. As he picked up the full one he caught Bryst in the corner of his eye, peeking through the slightly-opened closet. Stensig only had the fortitude to give a slight shrug of 'I'm so sorry' before he bolted back out of the room with his jug.

“Get her on her back!” Stensig demanded as he re-entered the living room. The chief gave him a look of 'Are you kidding me?' before he gave a groan, pulling back on the spitting vakar as much as he could. Galyrus wrenched himself out from under her legs. Now freed, he took hold of her ankles and forced them out straight, then pinned himself on top of them to prevent her from kicking around. As the two men wrestled the vakar onto her back Stensig bit off the cap on the jug and spat it out to the floor. He moved closer and crouched down next to the scuffle.

By this time Ky'yn was almost completely incapacitated, even against all her struggling. Stensig placed his knee down against the arm the chief was subduing. The chief wrapped his newly freed arm against Ky'yn's forehead, holding her head in one place while his other arm kept her neck still, all the while with her roaring in animalistic rage.

This is gonna get messy Stensig lamented. Trying his best not to spill, he forced the spout of the jug into her mouth.

Civilized Ky’yn was screaming at herself the whole time. Trying to gain control, to stop her attack on innocents. Animal her wasn’t listening, proceeding to pounce and attempt to bite Galyrus’ throat, then tried to claw it open with her talons. Thankfully, the detective’s neck collar was thick and it bought him enough time to fight back long enough for the police chief to join in.

Ky’yn felt her animal side struggle and scream with rage as the Chief pulled her away from Galyrus. Then Stensig joined in, helping them to pin her completely. She saw that he had one of the jugs she was curious about before. Now she was positive there was blood in it.

Animal side seemed to sense the jugs contents, as she felt her mood change from rage to hungry eagerness. The first drops of sweet blood entered her mouth and she felt her ‘mood’ start to improve almost immediately. Stensig continued to pour the blood into her mouth, being careful to pause so she could take a breath. Her body started to relax, the animal side starting to dissipate.

Galyrus felt the tension in Ky’yn’s legs start to ease up. After a few moments, they were fully relaxed, so he felt it was safe to let go.

“What are you doing?” the Chief demanded.

“She’s no longer a threat,” Galyrus replied, checking himself for injuries.

“We’ll…I’ll keep holding on to the dangerous end for a bit longer…,” the Chief grumbled. “You hurt?”

“A few scratches, but nothing serious…may need a fresh pair of underwear though….”

“Better check on your nephew then.”

“I…I’m OK,” a rather meek sounding voice said from the hallway.

“Bryst!” Galyrus cried, running over and hugging his nephew. “Thank the spirits. Please…tell me. Why was she out of the room? I had the door locked….” The look on Bryst’s face then was all he needed to know. “Bryst….”

“I-I had just come home when I heard her cry out…I thought she was in pain, so I unlocked it so I could see if she was alright….”

Galyrus rubbed his forehead. “Spirits Bryst…good intentions but…you could have gotten hurt, even killed.”

“W-well…maybe if you would have told me what the deal was with her….”

“Bryst, I know you have problems keeping your mouth shut at times.” Galyrus poked him in the chest. “That’s why I minimized what I told you about our guests.”

“Well it’s kind of a moot point now isn’t it?” Bryst folded his arms. “As my ‘bragging mouth’ will surely slip up about a zombie attack at some point.”

Galyrus rubbed his face once more and sighed, not sure what to say. Thankfully, at that moment, Ky’yn seemed to come fully back to her senses.

“Ah!” she cried, a look of regret on her face. “I ‘o ‘orry! I ‘o ‘orry!” The Chief finally released her and she sat up, leaning into Stensig as she wept into her hand. “I ‘ied ‘u ‘op ‘i’el…’a ‘e ‘oz ‘ike ‘a’on ‘ook o’er ‘I awe’e!”

“What the hell did she just say?” the Chief asked.

Bryst made a face before replying. “Sounded like…’I’m sorry’ and ‘tried to stop…like someone took over my body’.”

Galyrus looked at him, impressed. “You could actually understand that?”

“One of my co-workers has a serious lisp,” Bryst said with a shrug.

“Kid…if we didn’t have universal translators I think you would have made a mint as a translator,” the Chief said, before developing scowl on his face. “Now….,” he looked pointedly at Stensig and Ky’yn. “Mind explaining, in detail, what happened here? I know you said something about being hungry causing this. Please tell me this doesn’t happen every time you guys get hungry….”

~Did you find out what happened to my infiltrator?~ a rather eager looking Dacia quried.

“I did…and I’m afraid I have bad news: she was, indeed, compromised,” Chelos said with his best regretful tone. “Not only that, but she’s in critical condition.”

~Damn it all!~ Dacia swore. ~She was my only connection inside the police force!~

“This may have been for the best, in all honesty.”

The look on the Second Boss’ face was a mix of confusion and anger. ~Explain.~

“Well, I did some digging…and it turned out she was lying to us about her origins.”


“Her real name is Kerana Siessan…and she was apparently a member of a rival organization called the Black Syndicate. A significantly high ranked member, in fact.”

~The Black Syndicate…I had heard rumors they were poking their noses around here before the war, but had heard nothing since the wars end.~ Dacia looked concerned as she processed this. ~There may be a chance she had ulterior motives for helping us. Ugh…I better consult with the Boss on this to determine the best course of action. You DO know where she’s being held, correct?~

“I do…it will be part of the report I’m sending you now. It was noted that she is under heavy guard, just so you know.”

Dacia visibly gritted her teeth. ~That can only mean they wish to interrogate her more…dammit!~

“So sorry I am the barer of such bad news for you.” Chelos’ tone was sarcastic.

The Second Boss scowled. ~By the way, Chelos…I think you should know that your newest recruit, Dolic, is proving to be rather…difficult: he’s refusing to go on any enforcement jobs.~

“I did have him on a list recommending he did not go on such jobs, Second Boss.” Chelos didn’t hide the edge in his voice.

~Everyone needs to be capable of them, Chelos!~ Dacia snapped. ~At least not all the ones you recruit are useless! Y’mos succeeded where Dolic failed.~

Chelos felt his heart skip a beat and not in a good way. “What….” His tone was deadpan, but his face was one of shock and anger.

Dacia seemed to relish making him upset for once. ~Consider this a lesson in what personality types are suitable for recruitment, Lieutenant. If Dolic doesn’t adjust his attitude soon, we may have to silence him.~

Chelos cut the connection and just in time too. An arc of electricity flew from his body and hit a near by wall in a rare display of rage. Thankfully, he was in a relatively abandoned area of the city, so a sudden random thundercrack wouldn’t draw too much suspicion. Still, it took a few moments for him to calm down.

Dammit…one our own actually hunted an innocent? On purpose!? he thought. I better get confirmation on this before reporting in to the Elder on the other matter.Fortunately, he knew where vakar Y’mos Puritos liked to hunt.

After all, plant controllers needed a lot of plants around for their powers to work…which meant local parks.

Bad News

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