Zeno ‘Ribal
Species Sangheili
Age 27 (by human calendar)
Gender Male
Eye Color Dark Orange with very dark orange ‘whites’
Skin Color Very dark brown, with a dark orange dorsal ‘stripe’
Another features Has two tattoos, one on his lower right arm, the other down the length of his left arm and over part of his chest
Birth place State of Ribal, Sanghelios
Parents Kou ‘Ribalee (father) and Mea ‘Ribal (mother)
Siblings Lila ‘Ribal (sister)
Spouse Unofficially married to Sani ‘Hilvum
Job and Social status
Military Special Operations Sub-Commander
Political Kaidon, was also once the Ambassador of Sanghelios

Early Life

Zeno ‘Ribal is one of two children born to Mea ‘Ribal, wife of Kou ‘Ribalee. As an infant he was adventurous and curious, like many Sangheilian children, though perhaps a bit more so then usual. He and his clutch sister, Lila, had a knack for slipping away from their caretakers, a habit that became intentional, as they grew older.

When Mea died suddenly in an accident, it was her brother Ley ‘Ribalai that took over their care. The blademaster was a lot stricter when it came to caring for them, a fact that simply led to Zeno being more rebellious. Eventually his rebelliousness mellowed as he became aware of his responsibilities as a Sangheili, participating in the annual kar’zu with his peers and starting to learn the art of combat. He was discovered to have a knack for wielding the traditional weapon of their keep: the Kisan and so Ley started his training in the weapon.

Things however started taking a turn for the worse as Zeno reached adolescence. He discovered he was attracted to males: a thing of great controversy and shame. Not long after, he was stuck down by a devastating illness that attacked his very blood. As he lay weak and dying, Ley refused to allow the medics to give him the treatment that would cure him, citing it was better for him to die then to lose his ability to continue the bloodline. Zeno’s life would have ended then, if it were not for the intervention of the Kou, the kaidon of the keep.

Kou ordered the medics to give Zeno the treatment, saving Zeno’s life. When Zeno asked why he was bothering with him, Kou told him that there was more to a Sangheili’s worth then whether or not he could pass on his genes. It would be the first of many interventions Kou would do on Zeno’s behalf.

While he was recovering, his sister Lila visited him. He told her he would live, but would be unable to sire children of his own. Lila vowed to him then, that her first born would be given to him to raise as his own. Later when he allowed to leave bed, Zeno noticed his sister being harassed by a couple other young males. He immediately leapt to protect her, but was beaten down by the healthier males, forcing Lila to jump into the fray herself and ultimately driving the bullies off. Zeno felt greatly ashamed that he couldn’t not only protect his sister, but that Lila ended up protecting him instead. A fact that Ley, when he found out about the incident, lectured him on sternly, ultimately telling him he was worthless and not worthy of further training.

When Kou found out about this, he took on Zeno’s training himself. Unfortunately, due to his duties, this personal training was not as often as it could be. Regardless, he and Kou developed a strong bond, though Zeno often wondered at Kou’s motives for going so far for him. The lengths Kou would go was proven when Ley caught Zeno practicing sometime later and after a brief exchange of words, Ley attacked Zeno. Zeno was able to hold his own for a short amount of time before Ley disarmed and wounded him, but before Ley could kill him, Kou once again intervened and drove Ley off. Then to Zeno’s surprise, Kou led him to the master room, the kaidon’s personal quarters, and personally tended to Zeno’s wounds. He then beseeched Zeno to sleep, ignoring Zeno’s protests that he had no right to be in this sacred room.

Zeno continued to train under Kou when Kou was able, eventually growing into a young adult. It was then Zeno decided it was time to set out on his own and discover his own path, with some slight protesting from Kou. It was hard to leave the kaidon, a man that had been such a wonderful friend and mentor to him, but Zeno knew it was for the best. Before he left, Kou gave him a brotherly embrace.

Life in the Covenant

Initially his life in the military was disastrous, due to his superior, a Field Master by the name of Yuteri 'Wamotee. Yuteri held the belief that any form of weakness must be culled from the bloodlines, which included homosexuality. During his very first mission on Truy V as a member of the military, Yuteri constantly tried to get Zeno killed by sending him on dangerous assignments. Zeno, however, proved to be tenuous and stubborn, leading Yuteri to desperate actions. When the order came to return to the fleet, the Field Master drugged him and left him behind in the wilderness, but not before sabotaging his armor systems and taking away his weapons.

Zeno wandered the wilds of the planet alone for nearly a month, slowly weakening from hunger and exposure before he was found. Initially it was humans that found him, whom rendered him unconscious, but when he awakened he found himself in the company of his own kind: a squad of Special Operations. To his dismay he quickly discovered that he was their prisoner, the squad having been informed of a deserter. After telling his side of the story, the squads leader, Anko 'Tidumee, deemed him innocent and released him from his bonds, on the implied condition that he help him with their mission however he can, which was to recover a Forerunner relic. Zeno gratefully did so, telling him all he could about the human base the squad was heading for: a base Zeno had observed for a time during his lone wanderings.

As they drew closer to the base, it was realized the mission was doomed to failure unless they could pinpoint the exact location of the relic due to how heavily armed the base was. Zeno, figuring he had nothing else to lose, volunteered to allow himself to be captured: he explained that since the humans were trying to capture him, they may take him to the same place as the relic. There was some disagreement, but ultimately it was decided it was the chance they had.

Zeno succeeded in getting himself captured, under the watchful eye of Miko 'Kemotee, the squads reconnaissance specialist. As predicted, the humans took him straight to the base, but unexpectedly, he was taken to an underground laboratory. He was drugged with a paralyzing agent, stripped naked, then strapped to an examination table, fully aware of everything that was going on, but unable to move. Zeno endured some prodding, scans, blood being drawn and a force feeding before the scientist and her escort were called away.

By then, the drugs were wearing off and Zeno took the opportunity to break free, fearing the location beacon that was restored in his armor may not reach the squad from underground. He found the relic, along with his equipment, both of which he claimed and started making his way out, killing the scientist and a few other humans on the way. Thankfully, the SpecOps squad and initiated the next part of their plan to break both him and the relic out by then, Miko meeting up with him at the lift leading out of the underground complex.

However, by then, Zeno’s body was starting to fail due to the abuse it had been put under for the last month. It took all his energy and will to sprint across the base courtyard, only to collapse just before the gate. Thankfully, both Miko and Anko were able to carry him the rest of the way and back out to the forest, where Anko called in an airstrike from an Covenant ship.

Just before he was to board a Spirit, he lost consciousness. When he came too he found himself in a medical ward on High Charity, where Anko told him that his name has been cleared. Zeno spent a month in the infirmary before he was finally released into the care of then Special Operations Sub-commander Rtas ‘Vadumee. It was then that he found out he was transferred into the SpecOps Reconnaissance Unit and that Rtas was in charge of getting him back into shape. Zeno was also informed that Miko ‘Kemotee, one of the Sangheili that aided him on Truy V, was going to be his partner and that he was going to live with him.

After Zeno was reintroduced to Miko, Zeno soon discovered he was attracted to Miko. Fearing his homosexuality would ruin his life once again, he tried to hide it, but Miko saw through it and stated that he was homosexual himself. A debate between them ensued over whether homosexuality was natural or not, a debate that quickly got heated and came to blows, a fight Miko won easily. Only then did Miko relate to him his own struggles with coming to terms with who he was and urged Zeno to do the same, for the sake of his sanity.

Shortly after, Zeno learned of Kou’s death. The news hit Zeno hard, especially since, as far as he knew, Kou never learned of Zeno’s new lot in life. It was Miko that comforted him during this time, even allowing Zeno to fall asleep in his arms. This brought up a confliction of emotions: Zeno still uncertain if he should allow himself to feel as he does toward another male or not.

Later Zeno would learn two things. One was that he realized he was sick of the bigotry toward people like him, due to an encounter with a nasty Sangheili named Juwi ‘Hagumee whom had a grudge against Miko. The other was that he now had Merinthophobia, fear of being tied up, due to his time in the human base back on Truy V.

Soon after, he and Miko were assigned to their first mission: to scout out a planet that had suspicious scanner readings. However, soon after deployment, Miko discovered that the environmental controls of his combat harness was malfunctioning and the winter climate would soon kill him. Worse, both their radar and comms systems were jammed. Zeno managed to get him to shelter, where he helped Miko warm up again by sharing his body heat. Afterward, they discovered their shelter was a human occupied building.

The pair went through the building, killing humans as they came upon them, hoping to find the source of the jamming signal so they could contact the fleet. The humans were able to call for help before the building was completely cleared however, leaving the pair to rush to find the jamming equipment before reinforcements arrived. They were able to sever the jamming equipments power supply and contact the fleet, just as human reinforcements arrived.

Zeno and Miko relocated to the roof of the building (after a human rocket made a hole in said roof), to give themselves a more defensible position. There they made a stand until their own reinforcements arrived, which made short work of the remaining humans in the area. After debriefing, Zeno finally came to terms with his feelings and confessed them to Miko, whom was all too happy to hear it. This was the start of a long, healthy relationship between the two, though said relationship would not be without its problems.

The first problem came about during a mission on another human infested planet, when the pair was redirected to assist a Field Master in trouble. That Field Master turned out to be none other than Yuteri ‘Wamotee, the zealot that left Zeno to die and had been cleared earlier by the High Council due to supposed lack of evidence. Unable to resist the opportunity for revenge, Zeno killed Yuteri while he thought Miko was not looking.

But Miko did see the murder and after a brief battle with a human tank, the pair was recalled to the fleet, where Zeno had to explain himself to Commander Anko ‘Tidumee. Fortunately, Zeno had been researching Yuteri’s squad history and had gathered enough evidence to convince Anko to check deeper. Unfortunately, Zeno was put in the brig for the time being.

Zeno was in the brig for two weeks before Anko called for his presence once more. Anko had discovered the same things Zeno did in regards to Yuteri’s history and so decided that Yuteri’s death was caused by humans, not by Zeno’s hand. With this news, Zeno was returned to duty, but the next spot of trouble was almost immediately after.

Miko, having grown paranoid in Zeno’s absence, wanted to make up for lost time. This included wanting to go further than Zeno was prepared for, which Zeno refused to do. Miko struck Zeno, called him selfish and implied that Zeno was not being committed to the relationship.

Hurt, Zeno left the room, retreating to the mess hall to be alone. Unfortunately, he was spotted by Juwi, who took the opportunity to get Zeno back for the pranks he and Miko played on him. Zeno warned him to leave him alone, as did Juwi’s Recon partner, Henun, but Juwi persisted, eventually leading to Zeno punching him in the face.

A fight between the two than ensued, one that quickly turned dirty and bloody when Juwi resorted to using dirty tactics. Zeno quickly lost the upper hand and it became clear that Juwi intended to kill him, but what would have been a killing blow was halted by Supreme Commander Thel ‘Vadamee. Juwi was sent to the brig, and Thel suggested that Zeno and Miko make up their differences.

Zeno and Miko spoke briefly, Miko confessing he was wrong to try to force himself upon Zeno, before Zeno realized he really needed to go to the infirmary. He met Anko on the way, whom was furious that Zeno got himself into trouble again so soon. Before Anko could properly scold him however, Zeno passed out from his injuries. When he came to later, he and Miko agreed to stop playing pranks on Juwi. A few weeks later, while on shore leave, the pair consummated their relationship.

A month later, Juwi intercepted Zeno in the training room and started trying to shame Zeno via knowledge he gained by looking at his personal file. When that didn’t work, Juwi managed to restrain one of his hands with a cord, starting to trigger Zeno’s phobia. After Zeno’s other hand was restrained in the same fashion, his phobia kicked in full force. Rtas and Miko came to his rescue, but not before Zeno accidently killed a Minor during his panicked struggles. After this, Miko forced Zeno to tell him what happened to him while he was in the human base on Truy V and for a brief time, tried to help Zeno defeat his fear, but failed.

A few weeks later, Anko is killed on a mission, driving Zeno to fulfill a promise he made to him weeks before: namely, to keep Rtas from shaming himself when he learned the news. He succeeded in this, by literally slapping sense back into Rtas. For some time after, Zeno allowed Rtas to come to him for comfort, even after Rtas was promoted to Commander of SpecOps. This, however, caused Miko to get jealous.

One day Miko voiced that he suspected Zeno was cheating on him, which Zeno flatly denied. When Miko persisted with his questions, Zeno loses his temper and strikes a wall. This frightened Miko, whom quickly left the room, Zeno pursuing, trying to assure him. While pursuing him however, a conduit exploded, knocking Zeno back and severely burning Miko. Rtas was the first on the scene and when Miko started up the accusations again, Rtas quickly confirmed that Zeno was not cheating on him.

After Miko underwent the first treatment for burns and Zeno was sent back to his quarters for the night, Zeno was approached by Henun. Henun told him it was Juwi that caused the conduit to explode, in the attempt to kill both Zeno and Miko.

Enraged, Zeno used this active camo to sneak into Juwi’s room. There he knocked Juwi unconscious and then used his swords to curve random designs on his hide. He left just as Rtas arrived. However, a number of Sangheili suspected it was him that did it, one of them being the Supreme Commander himself. Thel, fortunately, only wished to warn him to ensure he only did his vigilante stunts on those that really deserved it.

Relieved that Thel essentially pardoned him, Zeno focused on Miko’s recovery. Miko, however, was not taking the fact he was going to be scarred heavily for the rest of his life, having gone berserk after the bandages removed. Zeno had o use extra special persuasion to convince Miko that he still loved him, no matter what. This would cement their bond for many years.

Great Schism & Post Human/Covenant War

Eight years later, recent events started to shake the foundation of the Covenant, the prime one being the destruction of a Holy Ring, but also the murder of High Prophet Regret at the hands of Master Chief. The subsequent replacement of the Honor Guard with Brutes in addition to this, left Zeno and Miko worried about their future.

They tried to put the worries aside, albeit briefly, by viewing a rare Gi’vea performance. Among the Gi’vea troop was Zeno’s sister, Lila, and after the show was over Zeno went to talk to her. Lila was bothered by the changes in their keep, things she wanted to inform Zeno about. However, before Lila could even begin, Justal, a fellow member of the SpecOps, told Zeno and Miko they were being recalled.

Shortly after arriving at the recall point, Rtas informed them that the Hierarchs have ordered the recon unit be disbanded. Then they were given their last mission as a unit: to be the perimeter guard around the Control Room of the Delta Halo Ring, where the Great Journey will soon commence. Rtas also gave them vital information on a likely hazard on the Ring: the Flood.

Later, at their post on the Ring, Miko and Zeno get into an argument over Brutes and humans. This argument was cut short when Zeno noticed the fleet surrounding High Charity was fighting itself. Before either could fully comprehend what was going on, a squad a Brutes attacked.

Unfamiliar with fighting Brutes, Zeno and Miko had difficulty fighting them. While they ultimately won the fight, Miko was mortally wounded. After telling Zeno to live for him, Miko died in his arms. Before he could properly mourn for Miko and with the sounds of fellow Sangheili being assaulted by Brutes echoing in his ears on the battlenet, the Flood appeared. Zeno fought off the Flood the best he could, while trying to deny it Miko’s body, but ultimately he was forced to destroy Miko’s body with a plasma grenade and flee.

(more soon) ….

During the Great Schism, Zeno was reassigned to Earth to work with the ODST and ONI elements of the UNSC. What he did during this time frame is currently unknown (if not classified), but after the human-covenant war was officially over, along with the first Kesi incident, he is seen basically being a pest to Ambassador Avery Johnson. He and the ambassador share a love/hate relationship: Johnson dislikes homosexuals and doesn’t care much for the pranks Zeno pulls, while Zeno seems to feed off Johnson’s discomfort and twist it for his own enjoyment.

Yet even Johnson recognizes Zeno’s talent and professionalism, as proved when Zeno confronted him over a datachip Johnson secured from an ONI agent. The chip contained the last words of a Sangheili that had died years prior to the Great Schism, a Sangheili that Zeno immediately recognized as Anko ‘Tidumee, Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum’s sire. It would be Zeno that returned this chip to Rtas, whom was extremely grateful for its recovery and return.

Later Zeno was hired by the High Council to bug the private quarters of Hyso ‘Malic, one of the council members, the information gathered from which, would lead to Hyso’s downfall and eventual death. His keen senses also were instrumental in finding the disabled phantom Sari and Telo had escaped the Righteous Justice in: he was the first to pick up the phantom’s distress signal and by triangulating the signal with the human ship Allegiance, they were able to locate the phantom and rescue the two Sangheili in time.

Zeno also participated in the Battle of the Righteous Justice itself, tasked initially with the rescue of the human prisoners and Sari’s mother, Tala ‘Behon. He was too late to rescue Tala, but the humans he was able to evacuate successfully. He later led sweep teams through the pirate ship, eliminating any other hostiles before the human fleet was given the go ahead to destroy it.

After Hyso’s death during the aftermath, Zeno was half-jokingly recommended to take the Arbiter’s place as Sangheili ambassador when the Arbiter was promoted to Councilor, due to this experiences with the humans. The joke though was taken seriously and Zeno was given the position, much to Ambassador Johnson’s dismay.

Life as Ambassador

Stuff here later.

Alternate Universe Zeno

Alternate Universe Zeno (the Zeno from Chains of the Past and various Misfortunate Events shorts) is a bit different from the Zeno from the Zendou series. AU Zeno is a lot more mischievious and laid back during the post-war timeframe, compared to the more emo/depressed Zeno from Zendou. He also has a favorate target to annoy in the form of Sergeant Major Johnson, whom has a love/hate relationship with him. This is of course due to this Zeno largely having been written with no official background. Only the short V-Day Hijinks tells anything of AU Zeno's now established past.

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